Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wheeler Farm

Last Friday I met my friends and fellow triplet moms Kristina and Roxy at Wheeler Farm. It was the perfect weather for an afternoon outside. Don’t let the pictures fool you, the boys really were having a good time. Whenever we go out lately the boys go into an observation mode where they don’t smile for pictures, instead they just study the surroundings.
For the most part I didn’t let the boys run wild because when they all out of the wagon it turned into a fight over who got to pull the wagon.

Andrew stepped away from the wagon for a closer look at the chickens.

We all had our choo choo wagons, which surprisingly resulted in much fewer comments than I normally get when I’m out by myself, it seems like there is safety in numbers.

Kristina’s girls and the boys. At least two of her girls are smiling.


Andrew pulled the wagon for good distance. I’m still always surprised that they can pull the wagon with two kids in it. The boys each weigh between 28 and 30 lbs now. The wagon gets pretty heavy.

Nick’s turn to pull the wagon.

Andrew still much more interested in the wagon than the animals.

A cow was right next to the fence and allowing the kids to pet it. The boys were not interested in it, but it was as close as I could get to a group picture that no one had to be belted in.

I didn’t notice until later that I missed one. One of Roxy’s girls had run out of frame. Again the boys were far more interested in the wagons then the chance to touch a cow, maybe next time.

On the farm there is some old equipment that you can climb on so I went for the photo op and let the boys ‘drive’ the tractor.

1221824484_vfn6X-M[1] 1221824271_zsX5i-M[1] 1221824702_DDZ4r-M[1] Finally some smiles. The boys also enjoy climbing into the drivers seat of the van so of course this was a hit.

With all the the choo choo wagons we couldn’t resist lining them up for some group shots.



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