Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is it spring yet?

I’m ready for warmer weather! More importantly for everyone to be healthy again. The boys caught a nasty bug about two weeks ago and after two rounds of antibiotics and chest x-rays for Andrew and Parker they are finally healthy again. Sadly they decided to share the cold with Cody and I. We are all just about back to normal if only a little sleep deprived. The boys have been so good about waiting at Dr. appointments. Twice we’ve waited for a full hour before going back to the exam room.

Luckily I have a secret weapon. As long as I bring along a stack of books the boys happily read and trade them back and forth while we wait. 
With everyone being sick or recovering we’ve been more or less stuck in the house and I’m getting cabin fever. The upside is I finally tackled a project I’ve been wanting to do, a photo wall. We have a ton of pictures of the boys and we bought a good number of frames. I went through all of our pictures, ordered prints and this weekend they’ll be hung up. I still need to track down some photos of family members that I don’t have like my grandma (since my family reads this *hint hint*).  It was so hard to pick which photos to hang. I guess that’s the only downside of taking so many pictures.
I had such a hard time deciding, we bought more frames today. I think my photo wall is going to expand to a few more places. I’ll need to take some before and after pictures once everything is on the walls.

Completely unrelated we removed the gate in our front room about two weeks ago. The boys now have free run of half the house. This means we are noticing that the boys are getting taller and a longer reach everyday and nothing on the table or counter tops is safe. They love running up and down and back and forth through the house and of course leaving a trail of toys and books in their wake, but at least they are having fun.

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