Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Family zoo trip

These were from January, but Cody went on a photo processing spree over the weekend so I want to start sharing the pictures. It was probably about 50 outside, which was really warm for January. We stopped at the entrance to let the boys play with the stone globe while trying not to let the boys get soaked.

If you ever wonder why we have different shoes and color code for the boys it’s so we can tell you who is who from behind and at an angle. It’s Andrew, Nicholas and Parker.

The boys got to experience a few things they haven’t seen before like the caves. I never take them in there with the wagon because it is to hard to navigate in crowds, so much easier with the double and single strollers.


Cody interacted with some of the animals and entertained the boys as well.


We also took the boys in the reptile and small animal house, it’s not very stroller friendly so the boys got to run from window to window looking at the animals.


The tigers were very popular of course to the boys they are just kitties. They spent a long time watching one pace back and forth and getting irritated with Cody.

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The tiger did not like Cody getting up close to the fence with his camera. Of course we had to let the boys play on the tiger statue.

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I am looking forward to the warmer weather for the zoo and especially for all of the construction at the zoo to be completed. Right now it seems like half the zoo is closed off while they work on the expansion. Of course the boys love the big trucks, but it makes the zoo feel more crowded and some of our favorite animals are gone.

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