Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cozy coupes

For the boys first birthday they each received a cozy coupe and they love them. When they first got them the boys were fascinated with the cars but not able to do much beyond pull up on them and crawl around them. Now they have mastered pushing and riding in them and they love riding them down our driveway which has a slight decline to it or even ‘off roading’ on the lawn. For the more adventurous moments they will even push them next door and back. Luckily no one (at least while I was there) has tried to venture beyond the house next door.


I love the level of concentration on his face.

We have the occasional traffic jam.

This is as close to the street as Andrew knows he can get without getting in trouble and he and everyone else is testing us with that right now. They get right to the edge of the curb and look at us to see if we’ll respond.

Parker posing for the camera.


I look forward to when the lawn is green in the background instead of the current brown. 

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