Saturday, March 26, 2011

Both sides of the camera

Around our house the boys see cameras all the time. There are two DSLRs and a flip video camera. I try to take a couple pictures a day, but don’t always succeed. With how often the boys are exposed to cameras there are a couple of results. Nicholas wants to take pictures.

 1221916022_qxp3A-M[1] 1221917077_d7Nzv-M[1]
Just like his Daddy. Of course it has buttons and a screen that lights up, nothing cooler than that.

On the other end Parker will now sometimes pose for pictures when asked. We have no idea where he picked it up.

1221920935_xp9PX-M[1] 1221925785_9SHBv-M[1]
He stood in front of the flash and posed, trying a few different stances and arm positions.

Andrew is somewhere in the middle. He holds still for about 2 seconds before rushing at you to grab the camera.


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