Thursday, February 17, 2011

So far behind on blogging

We’ve been keeping very busy around here so I haven’t had a chance to update. In the last week I’ve taken the boys to the zoo, we met grandpa (my dad) at the children’s museum then went again as a family, to the mall. to Wild Child twice and for a much needed haircut. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up or at least stop snowing for a few weeks so I can add the aviary and maybe the dinosaur park to the regular rotation of activities with the boys.
I love this age! When we went to the museum with grandpa the boys walked from parking garage to his office and back twice with the kinderkords. That’s almost a full mile of walking, while they are not quite ready or willing to stay with me while walking I think we are getting closer. It was nice to not have a stroller or wagon with me. No one fought to get away or tried to run in another direction. The museum was packed, luckily they have an area just for kids 3 and under that made it a lot easier to keep an eye on everyone. Sadly I was only able to snap one picture with my phone. Cody is much better at juggling the boys and still getting great pictures.

Parker very proud of himself for climbing up on the swan.

Grandpa learned very quickly that if he picks up one of the boys the other two immediately line up their turn. It was very cute. We only played for about an hour and a half before the boys were ready for a nap. I had hoped to go back later in the day with Cody, but he came home from work a little early due to food poisoning. I felt so bad that he was sick, but very happy that it was food poisoning and not a stomach bug. I know that sounds mean, but food poisoning isn’t contagious and odds were very good that the boys and I hadn’t eaten the same thing.
Due to not feeling well, Cody missed out on snowboarding for his down Friday. He spent the day in bed, the boys and I went shopping. I was hoping to get some good deals on clothes for next year for the boys, but didn’t find much. I did find some cute summer clothes and got the boys each an outfit. I really think that I could skip taking the boys to the museum or aquarium and just let them take turns pulling each other in the choo choo wagon around the mall. I’m pretty sure it’s their favorite thing to do.
After nap time I took the boys for haircuts, they really needed them about a month ago. The last haircuts were so poorly done that I wanted to give their hair a chance to really grow out so it could be made even again.

nickhair andrewhair
Nicholas and Andrew enjoying their bribes. I promise they were happier than they look here.

The boys were okay with getting their hair cut. By okay I mean no one had a full melt down. Andrew fussed and didn’t like getting the hair around his ears trimmed. Nick squirmed when his neckline was getting straightened out. Parker was very calm he enjoyed his sucker and even smiled at the hairdresser. I knew the last haircuts were really bad, but I didn’t realize how much I had been using unevenness of their hair to help with telling the boys apart at a glance.  I’m sure in the last couple of days I’ve called them the wrong name at least a couple times.

Sunday was a busy day for the boys. While I was at work Cody took the boys to Wild Child.

Andrew in the blue/black, Nick in orange/brown, Parker in red/blue. After running for a few hours the boys took a 3 hour nap. Cody had to wake them up. After work, Cody went to visit his grandpa so I took the boys back to Wild Child. This place is great. The boys have a blast and we normally are the only ones there so we get to play with them in the bouncers.

I also found an advantage of having multiples. Parker really wanted to ride in the fire truck and Andrew and Nicholas just wanted to push it around. Parker spent a good twenty minutes riding around while Nick and Andrew took turns pushing him. I just thought this was funny because Nick was not happy with the steering, there was no way to explain that he was the one doing the actual steering.

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