Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting bigger and learning new things

Over the last couple weeks the boys seem to be growing over night and learning and trying new things. In some cases it’s great in others it’s a bit terrifying. At the zoo on Monday the boys showed they are over their fear of the bronze animals. Again only poor quality camera phone pictures, I took some with the regular camera as well, but they aren’t processed yet.

If you remember from my last visit to the zoo with the boys this was the reaction to the tigers.

1050836747_8PVrP-L[1] Now we have this: parkertiger

He didn’t want to get down.

They are getting over some fears which is great except for the sudden interest in climbing to even higher (and scarier) places.

Nicholas, Parker, Andrew

Parker had been standing on the top of the fridge area and I got him down instead of taking a picture. This was about as high as I was comfortable with him climbing and it still put me on edge. I guess we can’t keep the tub of toy food on top of the kitchen anymore. They also have figured out how to open doors today. Doorknob covers are now on the front door and the pantry. I can’t even image the mess they could make in the pantry. Now I’m just going to cross my fingers that no one decides to climb out of their crib.

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