Sunday, January 16, 2011

We love our trucks

As I’ve mentioned before the boys love trucks. For Christmas Grandpa (my dad) got the boys each a Tonka toughest mini and the boys are pretty much physically attached to them at all times. Originally there was a fire truck, a police truck and a cherry picker. For some reason nobody wanted to play with the cherry picker. We found some other trucks of the same kind, Parker adopted the new black truck and Nicholas the garbage truck.
The truck line up.

The only time the boys are not holding their trucks is at meals, in the car or in their cribs (because we won’t let them).  They will just hang out with them.


They are good for jumping and climbing on the couch.


They are good company for watching some Food Network. 1157023502_n5ZY4-M[1]

Or trying to not look guilty for pushing buttons.


Of course the trucks all light up, have sirens and buttons to push. Some of the trucks used to have motion sensors that caused them to ‘go off’ whenever they were bumped. Cody was nice enough to disable that feature while not stopping the buttons from working.
It’s hilarious to watch the boys try to play with other toys or with their toy kitchens while still juggling the trucks. It makes me wonder how long the fascination with these trucks will last. My guess is until the next must have (all the time) toy enters our house.

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