Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some big shoes to fill

Last week the boys were playing with our shoes, they’ve been fascinated with our shoes for a while and constantly pulling them all off of our shoe rack. A pair of Cody’s shoes were out and the boys took turns trying them on. Luckily Cody had the camera ready. As an added bonus the boys are dressed in my favorite pajamas on the boys right now. They were gifts from our friends the McNeils and are adorable, even though they make the boys look older than they do in their footie pjs.




One more of Nicholas because he was actually walking around in the shoes.


I can’t believe his shoes are about half the length of the boys or that someday they may actually wear shoes this big.

The same night Cody opened the boys food set from Christmas.


Anything made of cardboard or that had a label didn’t last long.


Since then they have ‘cooked’ many meals for themselves and each other. We also get offered tastes.


  1. so cute! The PJ's from the McNeils are great too.

  2. What cute boys you have Lisa, I agree, those pajamas or adorable.