Saturday, January 15, 2011

New toys

The boys received a play kitchen for Christmas and while they have spent tons of time playing with it, nothing has been more fun than the boxes it came in. Well the box and their trucks.


Before Cody had all of the decals on the kitchen we let the boys go to town on the box with their new trucks.




The box is great to drive trucks on and inside.



At one point all three of the boys were in the box together and they kept closing it while giggling.

We’ve been busy already this year and I’m very behind on blogging. The boys have been to the aquarium three times already this year and they officially have a busier social calendar than I do.

Completely unrelated due to some events after Christmas we had to change the password on our online photo galleries. If you had the password previously and would like it again please email or text me.

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