Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

It has been a busy year with many changes. The boys have gone from rolling around on the floor to running everywhere.  Last Christmas the boys were afraid of almost all of their presents (all the ones that made noise or had lights) this year they fight over the loudest. We still had pacifiers.


In January we got our feeding table. Making meal times much easier for everyone.


February we learned to sit up and stay up. Also the fascination with balls began. This was also the month pacifiers went away.


By March sitting up was no longer enough, kneeling and the climbing began.


By April everyone was pulling up to their feet and standing up, we also celebrated the boys first birthday and the end of what was the first of many busy years.


May we started spending more and more time outside enjoying the spring weather.


June the boys had their first haircuts and lots of time practicing walking.


In July everyone started walking unassisted. The boys went ‘swimming’ for the first time in the back yard.


In August the boys were much more stable on their feet and much harder to get take group pictures of, always on the go.


In September the boys made their new friends at Build-a-Bear. We spent a lot of time at Gateway Mall people watching, enjoying the fountains and getting a cookie at Bear Country Cookies.


The first week of October (Cody’s birthday week) we went on our first family vacation to Disneyland. It was an amazing trip and we can’t wait to go back when Cars land is open.

(This was the only time we’ve ever let them fall asleep in the stroller)

In November we took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather with many visits to the zoo and a visit to the Thanksgiving Point Farm. Two out of three little boys loved riding a pony. We pet cows, fed the ducks, goats and chickens.


Finally December was our busiest month yet. We were in Disney World the first to the ninth, came home with a cold (all of us) then frantically tried to get ready for Christmas. The week before Christmas after dinner with my extended family we lined the boys up in the play room to get a group picture of them in their Christmas sweaters. Much to my surprise they were willing to stand still for a minute and when Nicholas made a run for it he walked back into place when asked. This picture says a lot about the boys current opinions on foot wear. Nicholas can get his shoes off in under a minute. Andrew wants to be barefoot. Parker is the only one who will leave his shoes and socks on.


This year I’m going to try and get the boys monthly group picture in the same location each month so I have a visual record of just how much they grow.  I’m looking forward another busy year of firsts and lots of fun (and work). Also I’m planning on taking many more pictures, Cody got me a photography book for Christmas so I can better use the DSLR.

Happy New Year to all of our friends and family!

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  1. The boys look so big in the last picture!! They are so cute!