Monday, January 31, 2011

Busy weekend

This weekend we were very busy.Thursday night we had planned to head straight to the Gateway Children’s Museum to buy our membership and let the boys run around. We arrived at about 5:30 and the museum closed at 6. When we arrived we were informed that the registers had already been closed down. We couldn’t pay for admission, but they let us in for free. The boys had an amazing time.
It was Cody’s down Friday and he finally had a chance to take advantage of his Christmas gift of lift passes to Snowbird. He left bright and early and had an great time. The boys and I hung out around the house until he got home. As soon as Cody got home we packed up and headed back to the children’s museum, the theory was that if Cody kept moving he wouldn’t be too sore.
Just like the night before the boys loved it. We spent a half hour or so letting them play in the beehive with balls then we spent the rest of the time running between the water play, market, mini house and farm area. There is even an area reserved for kids 3 and under that the boys enjoyed the slide and and running up and down the ramps. We took a lot of video and photos but they are not yet ready to post. The boys were so ready for bed when we got home. 
Saturday we took it easy and hung out around the house, the most exciting outing was a 7-eleven for some slurpees. Sunday I went to work and Cody took the boys to Wild Child to bounce until naptime. After I got off work we took the boys back to Wild Child. The best thing about this place is they let us in the bouncers with the boys. We spent an hour and half running, jumping and chasing the boys. I thought they were tired after the children’s museum, but that was nothing to last night. I was worried the boys were going to fall asleep during dinner.
It was so much fun playing with the boys in the bouncers, last time we went the boys were unsure about the bouncers. This time they were happily jumping everywhere and climbing. With the membership to the museum and a punch pass to Wild Child everyone is going to sleep well at night for weeks to come. 

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