Monday, January 31, 2011

Busy weekend

This weekend we were very busy.Thursday night we had planned to head straight to the Gateway Children’s Museum to buy our membership and let the boys run around. We arrived at about 5:30 and the museum closed at 6. When we arrived we were informed that the registers had already been closed down. We couldn’t pay for admission, but they let us in for free. The boys had an amazing time.
It was Cody’s down Friday and he finally had a chance to take advantage of his Christmas gift of lift passes to Snowbird. He left bright and early and had an great time. The boys and I hung out around the house until he got home. As soon as Cody got home we packed up and headed back to the children’s museum, the theory was that if Cody kept moving he wouldn’t be too sore.
Just like the night before the boys loved it. We spent a half hour or so letting them play in the beehive with balls then we spent the rest of the time running between the water play, market, mini house and farm area. There is even an area reserved for kids 3 and under that the boys enjoyed the slide and and running up and down the ramps. We took a lot of video and photos but they are not yet ready to post. The boys were so ready for bed when we got home. 
Saturday we took it easy and hung out around the house, the most exciting outing was a 7-eleven for some slurpees. Sunday I went to work and Cody took the boys to Wild Child to bounce until naptime. After I got off work we took the boys back to Wild Child. The best thing about this place is they let us in the bouncers with the boys. We spent an hour and half running, jumping and chasing the boys. I thought they were tired after the children’s museum, but that was nothing to last night. I was worried the boys were going to fall asleep during dinner.
It was so much fun playing with the boys in the bouncers, last time we went the boys were unsure about the bouncers. This time they were happily jumping everywhere and climbing. With the membership to the museum and a punch pass to Wild Child everyone is going to sleep well at night for weeks to come. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

They are all boy

Last week Cody finally got his new camera body (it’s been on order for over a month) it’s a Sony A55. It has a translucent mirror that makes the live view the actual image that you take and switches from camera mode to video mode with the push of a button. It makes taking HD video super easy.
With the new camera we’ve been taking a lot of videos over the last week.  First the boys getting ready for bed in what Cody has dubbed the mosh pit. Andrew is in the dinosaur pjs, Nicholas in diaper waiting for his turn on the changing table and Parker in the zoo animal pjs.

The next day while I was at work Cody got the boys doing some of their favorite things. Running laps and playing with a big box until they notice the sounds coming from the door stop.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some big shoes to fill

Last week the boys were playing with our shoes, they’ve been fascinated with our shoes for a while and constantly pulling them all off of our shoe rack. A pair of Cody’s shoes were out and the boys took turns trying them on. Luckily Cody had the camera ready. As an added bonus the boys are dressed in my favorite pajamas on the boys right now. They were gifts from our friends the McNeils and are adorable, even though they make the boys look older than they do in their footie pjs.




One more of Nicholas because he was actually walking around in the shoes.


I can’t believe his shoes are about half the length of the boys or that someday they may actually wear shoes this big.

The same night Cody opened the boys food set from Christmas.


Anything made of cardboard or that had a label didn’t last long.


Since then they have ‘cooked’ many meals for themselves and each other. We also get offered tastes.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

We love our trucks

As I’ve mentioned before the boys love trucks. For Christmas Grandpa (my dad) got the boys each a Tonka toughest mini and the boys are pretty much physically attached to them at all times. Originally there was a fire truck, a police truck and a cherry picker. For some reason nobody wanted to play with the cherry picker. We found some other trucks of the same kind, Parker adopted the new black truck and Nicholas the garbage truck.
The truck line up.

The only time the boys are not holding their trucks is at meals, in the car or in their cribs (because we won’t let them).  They will just hang out with them.


They are good for jumping and climbing on the couch.


They are good company for watching some Food Network. 1157023502_n5ZY4-M[1]

Or trying to not look guilty for pushing buttons.


Of course the trucks all light up, have sirens and buttons to push. Some of the trucks used to have motion sensors that caused them to ‘go off’ whenever they were bumped. Cody was nice enough to disable that feature while not stopping the buttons from working.
It’s hilarious to watch the boys try to play with other toys or with their toy kitchens while still juggling the trucks. It makes me wonder how long the fascination with these trucks will last. My guess is until the next must have (all the time) toy enters our house.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New toys

The boys received a play kitchen for Christmas and while they have spent tons of time playing with it, nothing has been more fun than the boxes it came in. Well the box and their trucks.


Before Cody had all of the decals on the kitchen we let the boys go to town on the box with their new trucks.




The box is great to drive trucks on and inside.



At one point all three of the boys were in the box together and they kept closing it while giggling.

We’ve been busy already this year and I’m very behind on blogging. The boys have been to the aquarium three times already this year and they officially have a busier social calendar than I do.

Completely unrelated due to some events after Christmas we had to change the password on our online photo galleries. If you had the password previously and would like it again please email or text me.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Cody introduced me to a new app for my phone called Pixelpipe, it lets me upload HD videos from my phone that are over the usual Youtube limit directly to Youtube. With it being so easy to share video I’ve been taking more.

This is from yesterday, for Christmas we got the boys a three piece band set, the drums are the clear favorite of the set. Also notice the toy theft that Nicholas pulls off without a fuss.

From this morning (see it’s much easier to take and share video) the boys playing with a dancing singing toy. It’s Andrew in the  stripes really getting into the dancing.

Sadly the music isn’t quite long enough for him to really show off his dancing skills. The other day I they were rocking out to the Glee soundtrack.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

It has been a busy year with many changes. The boys have gone from rolling around on the floor to running everywhere.  Last Christmas the boys were afraid of almost all of their presents (all the ones that made noise or had lights) this year they fight over the loudest. We still had pacifiers.


In January we got our feeding table. Making meal times much easier for everyone.


February we learned to sit up and stay up. Also the fascination with balls began. This was also the month pacifiers went away.


By March sitting up was no longer enough, kneeling and the climbing began.


By April everyone was pulling up to their feet and standing up, we also celebrated the boys first birthday and the end of what was the first of many busy years.


May we started spending more and more time outside enjoying the spring weather.


June the boys had their first haircuts and lots of time practicing walking.


In July everyone started walking unassisted. The boys went ‘swimming’ for the first time in the back yard.


In August the boys were much more stable on their feet and much harder to get take group pictures of, always on the go.


In September the boys made their new friends at Build-a-Bear. We spent a lot of time at Gateway Mall people watching, enjoying the fountains and getting a cookie at Bear Country Cookies.


The first week of October (Cody’s birthday week) we went on our first family vacation to Disneyland. It was an amazing trip and we can’t wait to go back when Cars land is open.

(This was the only time we’ve ever let them fall asleep in the stroller)

In November we took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather with many visits to the zoo and a visit to the Thanksgiving Point Farm. Two out of three little boys loved riding a pony. We pet cows, fed the ducks, goats and chickens.


Finally December was our busiest month yet. We were in Disney World the first to the ninth, came home with a cold (all of us) then frantically tried to get ready for Christmas. The week before Christmas after dinner with my extended family we lined the boys up in the play room to get a group picture of them in their Christmas sweaters. Much to my surprise they were willing to stand still for a minute and when Nicholas made a run for it he walked back into place when asked. This picture says a lot about the boys current opinions on foot wear. Nicholas can get his shoes off in under a minute. Andrew wants to be barefoot. Parker is the only one who will leave his shoes and socks on.


This year I’m going to try and get the boys monthly group picture in the same location each month so I have a visual record of just how much they grow.  I’m looking forward another busy year of firsts and lots of fun (and work). Also I’m planning on taking many more pictures, Cody got me a photography book for Christmas so I can better use the DSLR.

Happy New Year to all of our friends and family!