Thursday, September 23, 2010

Making new friends (and a ton of pictures)

For the last couple weeks we have been looking for teddy bears for the boys and were unable to find anything that we really liked so tonight we took our first trip to Build A Bear. Going into it we were not sure how we were going to pick out bears and whether or not to get everyone the same (which would make it impossible to tell whose is whose) or assign bears. Instead we handed the boys the ‘model’ bears to see how they reacted. As luck would have it everyone chose a different bear.

Clutching their unstuffed bears we waited patiently for our turn at the stuffing station.



Andrew was very unsure about the stuffing machine and the loud noises it was making. Nicholas however was pretty intrigued by all the stuffing flying around in the machine.
Parker was up first, he chose the Happy Hugs Teddy. Turns out it is a well named bear for him.

He was torn between the options of running around the store or stuffing his bear.

A quick test hug to see if the stuffing is just right and putting the heart in.

First bear done!

Andrew was next, he was not okay with the stuffing machine. He tried to hide behind me while his Lil’ Chocolate Cub was stuffed, but after the bear was done he was excited to get that first big hug.


Nicholas was happy to help stuff his bear, he went with Bearemy.


He put the heart in his bear with a little help.


Ready for that crucial first hug.


Parker was happy to hold all the bears while the birth certificates were printing.


We left with three very happy little boys. Somehow Nicholas and Andrew swapped bears and we didn’t notice until after we took pictures.


Parker happily hugged his new friend all the way to the car.


Andrew and Nicholas seemed to be comparing bears and made them dance in the stroller as we made our way back to the car.


We had so much fun tonight! I have a feeling this won’t be our last visit to Build-A-Bear. Maybe I can convince the boys that they don’t need any more bears and just teach them to accessorize.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

So far behind

I keep sitting down to post an update as to what we have been doing, but just haven’t had a chance (plus I don’t have any new photos processed). We’ve been keeping very busy with running errands and Cody takes the boys to the park almost every night while I’m at work. The weather is finally hinting that fall will be here soon and I’m so excited. I’m ready for cooler weather.
In the last couple weeks I’ve taken the boys to play with their second cousin. The boys had so much fun! New toys which Chase (the cousin) was so happy to share. I was thoroughly impressed that he had names down and could tell who was who in about 10 minutes, very cool for a 2.5 year old. I can’t wait to let them play together again.
Last week I met my dad at the aquarium, for the first time we didn’t use the stroller. It was over two hours of the boys running around looking at everything. They had so much fun and so did I. Grandpa even bought the boys a souvenir, a stuffed snake for each of them. The boys were so worn out they were asleep before I pulled out of the parking lot. After we got home the went straight back down for another hour and a half. Sadly I couldn’t take any pictures, that would require at least one more adult just taking pictures. Next time I think we’ll go to the dinosaur park.
We are slowing transitioning to one long nap depending of course on the day. It’s nice to have one large block of time to get things done in the afternoon. It also means that Cody gets more time to play with the boys after work since they won’t be spending an hour or so sleeping.