Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First hospital visit

Last Friday we took our first trip to the hospital since the boys were born. Luckily it was a scheduled visit. I was up at 5:45 and attempted to Get Nicholas out of the nursery without waking his brothers up. He had been scheduled for surgery at 7:30 to remove a small cyst-like growth on the back of his ear. I wasn’t successful on sneaking him out of the room, but according to Cody Andrew and Parker went back to sleep after we left until 8:45.
We made it to the hospital at about 7:15 to check in. After filling out the paper work we had almost no wait in the waiting room before being led back into his room. They provided a tiny hospital gown for him and it was adorable. I got some great pictures of him walking around in his gown and diaper. Luckily I was prepared with a bag full of toys since it took over an hour for the doctor and anesthesiologist to come talk to me.
Nicholas seem to be having a blast waiting, they brought a red wagon into the room so he could get used to it before they wheeled him away in it. I took a toy truck and a few balls from the ball pit. We spent easily a half hour where he would throw the balls at me trying to get them through the door. I played goalie. The room wasn’t large enough to shut the door with the wagon in it so we he also entertained the nurses and a few other patients.
It was very strange just having one of the boys with me. I hope that we can plan more one on one activities as the boys get older. At 8:45 I loaded Nicholas into the wagon and he was pulled down the hall laughing the whole way. About 2 hours later he was brought back to me very fussy. They had lost his towel. 
A substitute towel was quickly found, but more than anything he was just hungry. He inhaled two cartons of milk and a half a dozen fig newtons. After eating he was back to giggling at the nurses. They kept him for another hour just to make sure he was okay.
We made it home just in time for Nicholas to finish a snack with his brothers and start nap time. He went down for naptime with everyone else. The most entertaining comment for me while at the hospital was when one nurse asked another if they had ever seen such a cute little boy. Funny I have two others that look just like him. 
Hopefully this will be our only hospital visit for a long time. Nicholas has acted like nothing even happened. He hasn’t pulled at or messed with his ear since. He has one internal stitch that will dissolve and they used a superglue of sorts to seal the outside. He’ll probably have a small scar, but as far as good places to have scars the back of your ear isn’t bad.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We took some 15 month old pictures of the boys which turned our really cute, but Cody hasn’t uploaded them yet. So, instead I wanted to share some pictures Cody took of our new niece. This was his first attempt at newborn-ish photos other than the boys. I say they are newborn-ish because we had planned on taking the pictures earlier, but she had to have surgery for pyloric stenosis which was pretty scary. She is fully recovered and starting to put on weight so off we went to get some shots.
The same day we went to take pictures our 12 panels of superyard arrived. I wish we would have purchased this sooner! It was so nice to be able to put the boys down to play without worrying about them destroying anything. They had fun playing while Cody and I (mainly Cody) tried to capture some good images.
I think he did a great job and that our niece looks a whole lot like my sister. Here’s Charley:


Tiny toes

The ever popular selective coloring.


And one more just because it’s cute.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Who’s who

I love looking through the photos Cody has processed and finding ones I haven’t really noticed before. Here are the boys modeling the shirts Cody made them for when we go to Grandma’s house. I have ideas for other shirts, but our printer bit the dust last week.


Of course the shirts only help when the boys cooperate.

Nicholas, Andrew

Next round of shirt making I’ll have to put an identifier on the front and back or also rely on the good old fashion color assignments.

Monday, August 2, 2010

50 or 15 in 5

This doesn’t have a whole lot to do with the boys, but some coworkers and friends have put together a competition. The basics are to try and lose 50 lbs or 15% of your body weight in 5 months. It started yesterday and runs until the end of the year. Now that I’m completely done with physical therapy it’s time for me to get back in shape.
I have a little bit of a competitive side and this competition will certainly help motivate me. The prize for the winner is a gift card to Subway oh and a healthier body. As an added bonus for me Cody agreed that we can book a cruise when I get to my pre-pregnancy weight.
The challenge I’m having is finding time to workout (big surprise right?). Before we had kids I was at the gym twice a day, both before and after work. I loved going to the gym it was my chance to decompress after work and I miss it. I’ve been looking for gyms that offer daycare and not finding many options. So either I get up before the boys and before Cody leaves for work or trudge out in the heat with the boys. I’m sure I’ll figure out something.
So, five months from now we’ll see, hopefully I’m treating Cody to lunch at Subway.