Thursday, December 16, 2010

Disney World – Day 1 (sans pictures)

Everyone is recovering from the cold we brought home from Disney, but I thought I should start reporting what we did on our trip while I still remember all of the details. Like all of our Disney World vacations there was a lot of planning that when into this trip long before we left. As usual we had our color coded spreadsheet schedule with park hours, predicted crowd levels (thanks, dining reservations and the various meets we had planned throughout the week. The first half of our trip was during Reunion 2010. So we met with podcasters and fans of the podcast and website. The second half of the trip was during WDWPhotography’s first official meet ups. Also on the trip our friends the McNeils from Scotland would be at the resorts. Basically we planned on making a bunch of new friends, meeting people in person for the first time and seeing some wonderful old friends.
The first day in the parks is by tradition the Magic Kingdom where we will eat a meal at Pecos Bills. We arrived at the park shortly after opening. It turns out the boys are not a big fan of the monorail ride, so they were very happy to arrive at the park. Because of our planning we knew that the Christmas parade taping was scheduled to be done on the 3rd and 4th, but we didn’t know they would be also filming on the 2nd. Main Street was packed as cast members were roping off areas and getting guests into position for the taping.
Once we made it past Main Street, the park was pretty empty. First ride was Small World, the boys loved it. It’s classic Disney and it was fun (for me at least) to compare Disneyland’s Small World. On our previous visits within the first half hour we would have ridden at least one of the mountains and have fast passes for another. This trip I didn’t ride any of them. The mountains being Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. Surprisingly I am okay with that, it was so much fun to just take our time walking through the park and enjoying all of the details.
After Small World we stopped for some fruit and muffins to feed the boys. Finishing just in time to get in line to meet Jasmine and Aladdin. The boys were a bit unsure, but eventually warmed up and smiled a bit at the characters. After meeting them we wandered around a bit more, rode Jungle Cruise. We had an excellent skipper who even told a few jokes we’d never heard before.
Lunch was at Pecos Bills, while Cody went to get the food the restaurant’s manager came over to say hello to the boys and chat with me. No surprise to us we seemed to get a lot of attention through out the trip from cast members. The boys were given tons of stickers and cookies at a few places. Lunch was good, since we had the free dining plan each of our meals came with an entree, dessert and a drink. We bought a kids meal for the boys to share and fed them off of our plates as well. For drinks we ordered milk for the boys and just had water for us. Water was a good thing, it was cool outside, but we did a lot of walking.
Part of the days schedule included our first meet up with other Disney fans. We met with the podcasters from WDWToday and enjoyed a Dole Whip float. We talked to everyone for about an hour before the boys were done and ready for naptime.
We stayed in the parks a bit too long (my fault) so naptime was much more of a challenge than it ever is. The best part about naptime on vacation, means Cody and I get to nap as well. Cody and the boys slept for about two hours, before we got up and headed to Epcot.
Epcot has always been a favorite park of ours. The land pavilion is great, we headed straight for it and caught the last boat of the day for riding living with the land. I think this ride is always better at night. We ate at Seasons the quick service dining option in the pavilion. This is where the boys got their first cookie of the trip. While Cody was getting food, I was swarmed by a few employees. One asked if the boys could have a cookie and before I could really respond each had one in their hands.
Since most of the rides close fairly early in the evening we didn’t even try to go on anything else, besides the wait for Sorin’ was over an hour. My favorite part of Epcot is the world showcase and walking through all the different countries.
Each country (that celebrates Christmas) was decorate for the season and we got to visit the new caramel shop in Germany. Cody loves caramel. I’m normally not a fan, but the caramel was so good!
After our stop for a sweet we continued around the lagoon looking for a good place to view and take pictures of illuminations. The goal was to get a good view and have an exit strategy for me and the boys if they melted down due to the fireworks. Cody ended up shooting from the bridge to World Showcase, while the boys and I ducked into a gift shop.
We went back to our resort ready to sleep. By the end of the day we had walked 10.5 miles, I tracked mileage walked each day with an app on my phone. The hotel bed was not very comfortable, but the advantage of being on a Disney vacation is you are so tired at the end of the day it doesn’t matter.
I have to say just once that we were prepared, or so I thought for the amount of attention we’d get from people having been at Disneyland so recently. We were for the most part, people pointed, asked silly questions, told us our hands were full or that we were busy along with the usual comments of pity. The same things we hear every time we go out, but what I wasn’t as prepared for was just how many cameras I’d be jumping in front of. It sometimes felt that we were constantly asking people to not take pictures of the boys. I don’t care how unique it is to see triplets, taking pictures of a stranger’s kids on vacation makes you creepy.

Up next is day two at Epcot with the Betamouse team and with a little luck a few photos.

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  1. It's funny how different a day at Disney is with babies. Can't wait to see pictures - I know they'll be fantastic since I 1st found your blog on the POTD thread on disboards. :o)

    We got a lot of weird questions and comments with our twins, I can only imagine what you go through!!

    Glad you had fun!!!