Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas recap

We had a very busy holiday weekend. We started the festivities on Thursday night when we surprised our friends (and babysitter) at their house. It was fun to visit with them and their kids. The boys had a blast playing with the other kids. By playing I mean being handed a ton of toys and given the chance to run around the place.
Friday my Dad came over and brought the boys a toy kitchen and trucks. They love trucks and were fascinated by the pretend food. It took a little while before they really got into ripping the paper off of the presents, but once they got it much paper was shredded. Along with my Dad, my sister came over with her clone; I mean daughter. Her little girl is a carbon copy of my sister as an infant. They stayed for a couple hours, just long enough to wear the boys out for naptime, which was wonderful.
We had dinner at Cody’s parents and watched the kids run around and dance to the Glee holiday CD. The boys were very tired after hours of playing and crashed as soon as we got them in the car.
Cody and I were up late wrapping presents. We put off wrapping gifts until that night just in case the boys were really into opening presents and unwrapped everything early. At 2 am we just planned on the morning being painful.
The boys slept in on Christmas morning, I woke them at around 9. Santa left the boys a basketball hoop, a ball for each of them, and a slide. Without hesitation everyone grabbed a ball and started shooting baskets. We were a bit surprised since the boys have never had a chance to play with a basketball set. In their stockings the boys each received a sing-a-ma-jig (in their colors) a weeble and a new shirt. Mom and dad gave them each a wooden puzzle, a baby doll and a three piece band set.
As soon as we could pry the boys away from their new toys we were out the door to visit family. We visited with Cody’s grandpa then my uncle. It was great to see my uncle, we don’t get to see him or his girlfriend often enough. They got the boys some trucks (they still love trucks). They were careful to pick out trucks that don’t make noise or require batteries which I really appreciated. The boys were so enthralled with the toys I had a chance to speak with Jill (uncle’s girlfriend), she is a children’s councilor and used to teach Parenting with Love and Logic, which is what we are using.  It also helps that her nieces/nephews are 17 year old quads, so she has an idea of the fun and chaos we experience.
Next we headed to my Mom’s house, taking the long way to give the boys a car nap. Grandma and Grandpa gave them each a truck (sensing a theme yet?) some clothes and a pair of Thomas the Train Engine pjs. My mom gave us a photo album filled with pictures of the boys from their first birthday. Since we were so busy child wrangling we didn’t get many pictures. It was a very thoughtful gift.
Our last stop for the night was Cody’s parents, we had dinner and opened more presents. From Grandma and Grandpa the boys got (you guessed it) trucks, really nice jackets and a wooden activity cube. The boys, Cody and I were exhausted after such a long day. We made it home at around 9. The boys were ready for bed when we got home. After the boys were down for the night, Cody and I stayed up to play Epic Mickey.
It was a nice Christmas, the boys now have their own fleet of trucks and some adorable new clothes. Next year the boys will “get” Santa which will only add to the fun.

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