Saturday, December 11, 2010

Back from vacation!

We are home from an amazing week (9 days) at Disney World. Since we’ve done the commando style, non-stop ride everything type trips it was nice to slow down and see Disney through the boys eyes. This was also our first trip with Disney World decorated for the holidays. Part of this trip included meeting a lot of other Disney fans from various podcasts and websites. We met some old friends and made many new ones.
This was the boys first time on an airplane and the flight went really well. We had two lap riders and one in a car seat. We traded out who was in the car seat throughout the flight, so they could nap. It was quite the production getting through the airport with the car seats, stroller, luggage and all the different carry on items.
We had booked a room with a king sized bed at Pop Century, but when we got to the hotel they didn’t have a room for us. Three hours later, a manager and the hotel’s general manager we were upgraded to Coronado Springs for the week and given a night for free. Pop had done a systems upgrade that day causing many issues and from what we heard a lot of free upgrades.
The day we arrived we looked around the hotel a little and were very ready to go to bed and to start the next day at the Magic Kingdom.
As usual we took pictures and video, but we aren’t even unpacked so it will take a little while to get them posted.

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