Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bounce house fun

Last Sunday Cody and I took the boys to Wild Child, a bounce house playground. We had gone in on Saturday and it was too crowded to let the boys play, but when we returned on Sunday we were the only ones there. Because it was so empty they let Cody and I play in the bouncers.
It took a little while for the boys to really get into it, but once they did it was so much fun. We bounced, went down slides and climbed all over the place.  Cody took some video with his phone.

Andrew in brown, Parker in red and Nicholas in gray.

I was amazed that the boys were able to climb up the big slide with a little help at the top. The top of the slide was easily 15 feet off the ground which they had no fear of.

We will definitely be going back. The boys ran nearly non stop for three hours and everyone slept really well that night.

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