Sunday, November 28, 2010


When I left for work this morning at 5:30 (ugh) it had been snowing for a couple hours and it kept snowing, in fact it’s still snowing now about 16 hours later. With all the snow it was the perfect day for the boys to play in the snow for the first time. While I was working Cody suited everyone up and took them outside to play. Luckily he took video to send me at work and to share.
Andrew is in the blue hat/gloves, Parker in red and Nicholas in green.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bounce house fun

Last Sunday Cody and I took the boys to Wild Child, a bounce house playground. We had gone in on Saturday and it was too crowded to let the boys play, but when we returned on Sunday we were the only ones there. Because it was so empty they let Cody and I play in the bouncers.
It took a little while for the boys to really get into it, but once they did it was so much fun. We bounced, went down slides and climbed all over the place.  Cody took some video with his phone.

Andrew in brown, Parker in red and Nicholas in gray.

I was amazed that the boys were able to climb up the big slide with a little help at the top. The top of the slide was easily 15 feet off the ground which they had no fear of.

We will definitely be going back. The boys ran nearly non stop for three hours and everyone slept really well that night.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Twelve teeth in two weeks

I’ve always heard that the cuspids or canine teeth (the pointy ones) are the hardest when teething and now I believe it. In the last two weeks the boys cut both of their upper and lower cuspids making for some screamy nights. Now that all of their new teeth are through their gums it’s much better. I think we are done with teething until the next round of molars.
During the day we’ve been busy and having lots of fun with the boys. On the 5th the boys and I met the Kirby family at the zoo. It was a lot of fun with the choo choo wagon. Friday Cody and I took the boys to the farm at Thanksgiving point. Everyone had a great time feeding the ducks, especially Nicholas.
After Nick would throw a piece of corn to the ducks he’d clap and cheer, it was adorable. We ran into another family with triplets who is a new member of the local triplet group that I had not yet met. The boys each rode a pony, Parker and Nicholas had huge smiles and loved riding them. We got some adorable pictures of them. Andrew did not like his ride, no smiles and he was on the edge of crying the whole time. I’m sure we’ll visit the farm many times next spring, it also makes me look forward to baby animal days in Logan next year.
Since the weather was still wonderful that Saturday, we had planned to go tailgating at the U. We sadly were running behind and didn’t make it to campus early enough. Since we were already in the neighborhood, we headed for the zoo instead. It was a wonderful day. I love that the boys are now interested in all of the animals and learning their names.
We’ve also visited the aquarium and spent some time at Gateway walking around. What am I going to do when the snow starts sticking?
I have pictures from all of our adventures, just not ready to post quite yet. Hopefully they’ll be uploaded this week.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I can’t believe how much they’ve grown

In preparation for new photos to hang up around the house I’ve been going through pictures of the boys from the last year and a half. It still amazes me how much the boys have grown and changed and how quickly it happens. 
From this:

Andrew, Nicholas, Parker in what we jokingly called their meetings.

Now ‘meetings’ are held all day long all over the house.

Nicholas, Parker, Andrew

Of course now they are fully mobile and it’s even more fun.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In honor of voting day


The state capitol, from the backside. It turns out that after about 5:30 on any week day the capitol is deserted.


The boys loved roaming around hearing the echo of their own voices. Cody took the boys one night and then we went back a few days later as a family. When Cody went alone he ran into a couple of people doing a photo session it also provided some opportunities for pictures to torment the boys with in the future.

1055940552_wjnkS-M[1] 1055940928_UdjFB-M[1]

The girls also had some lacrosse gear, I never thought I’d see a pink lacrosse stick.


The boys seemed to have a good time and Cody had a chance to take some nice pictures.


Definitely a place will take more field trips to.