Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Red Butte after dark

Friday night we took the boys to Red Butte gardens for their annual after dark festivities. Before the sun set we let the boys run around it was also before it got crowded.



There is a great set of tunnels in a snake themed area that was a bunch of fun for the boys to run around and play in.

Parker and Nicholas

Andrew and Nicholas (yes the climbing is in full force)


We learned the boys have no fear of fake snakes.


As soon as it got dark we kept the boys in the stroller, but learned just how nice it is to have everyone dressed in a bright matching color.
If you haven’t guessed their costume here is everyone in the full costume.


They left the “hats'” on for a surprising amount of time. I had the hardest time finding costumes this year. It seems like costumes were sized up to 18 months or starting at 3t. I went with 18 months even though it’s on the edge of fitting, but 3t was just way too big.

Next year costumes should be much easier, the challenge will be deciding what costumes to go with.

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