Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin patch

Last night was a family first we all went to a pumpkin patch for the first time and had a blast. Right after we arrived we strolled by a bunch of mini pumpkins. We gave each of the boys one and they were very happy to carry them around in the stroller, which is much better than trying to take their shoes off.

Nicholas, Andrew, Parker

We got to the middle of the field and let the boys loose.


At first they were much more interested in the sticks and dried vines on the ground, but they didn’t stay on the path for very long.
Parker right before he makes a run for it giggling the whole way. There he goes.

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Many pumpkins were inspected.

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I think Nicholas spotted something he really wanted (other than a stick for each hand), no idea what though.


Everyone got covered in dirt, luckily it was very dry so brushed off pretty easily.


Andrew lost interest in pumpkins, he did however become very attached to this stick.


One more pictures in this already photo heavy post.

He looks like such a big boy in this picture!

We were only there for about an hour as it was getting dark and the mosquitoes were everywhere. We ended up getting three big pumpkins to carve. One for each of us and one for the boys. Along with their mini pumpkins which they wouldn’t even let go of after we got home.