Thursday, October 21, 2010

A little more freedom

This month we decided it was time (or past time) to give the boys free access the the rest of the house. All of the cabinets now have magnetic locks which are pretty darn cool and the drawers locked as well. We put up a super yard to keep the boys out of the TV and let them go.
Also part of the prepping for our Disney trip was showing the boys some characters. We’ve watched the Disney planning video many many times. The boys have about a 10 minute limit, before they get bored.

Nicholas and Andrew on the couch, Parker getting a closer look.

Everyone is spending time exploring and enjoying the freedom.

Nicholas found the cat door.

Andrew checks it out as well, but he sure looks like he’s up to something.

Even with all the new space to investigate Daddy with the camera is still the most fun.

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