Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last zoo visit

I blogged about my last trip to the zoo with the boys, but now I have pictures. We spent a fair amount of time watching an elephant eating, the boys were mesmerized.


We watched the carousel Andrew was happily waving at the riders. Everyone was dancing to the music and having a good time.


Here I have my mother of the year picture. In my defense Nicholas was fine and happy until I stepped back to take the picture.


As I mentioned before the small fish display was the clear favorite for this visit. Parker threw a fit when I picked him up to put in the stroller.

1050837640_sskck-M[1] 1050824761_4njHU-M[1]

Now that it’s getting colder, I think as long as it’s not snowing we’ll still be visiting the zoo. I love that the boys are much more interested in the animals now than they were just a few months ago.

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