Thursday, October 14, 2010

Having triplets doesn’t make me deaf

Today the boys and I got out and enjoyed the wonderful fall weather. It was one of those perfect fall days, sunny with temperatures in the 70s. We headed for the zoo. It’s UEA weekend so just about everyone with kids was at the zoo as well today. It was crowded, but still a lot of fun.
I have to say I love our Kinderkords! I had one or two boys walking next to the stroller for the whole time. Everyone one walked at least one lap around the zoo. The boys really enjoyed the monkeys, the elephants and especially the fish. Parker cried when I pulled them away from the small aquarium. You’d never guess they have been to the real aquarium a dozen times. They were so interested I got everyone out of the stroller to take a few pictures. I get nervous taking everyone out of the stroller in such large crowds by myself. I have to assume it will get easier as the boys get older.
The sheer number of people at the zoo was kind of crazy, which brings me to the title of this post. Having just returned from Disneyland I was somewhat prepared for the number of triplet comments I’d get. The big difference between the comments at Disney and the comments at the zoo today was just how rude so many were. I’m used to the usual “you have your hands full” and “you must be busy” and that’s fine. A lot of the comments today were mean spirited and most were not said directly to my face, however pointing at me and the boys and saying “it sucks to be her” or “that’s just too many kids” is not okay. I also got one “I’d hate to have to deal with that.”
It being UEA weekend and the zoo being super crowded meant that not only were these people making extremely rude comments to or at me, but they were saying them in front of my kids and theirs. Towards the end of the day one man walked by with three kids and one in a stroller and said “triplets, that must be horrible.” I could understand that comment if the boys were melting down or making a scene, but they were happily waving at people riding the carousel. I had reached my limit and turned to him to say “How dare you say something like that in front of me, my children and your kids? Think of the example you are setting.”  He gave me a dirty look (surprise!) Which of course I responded, “having triplets doesn’t make me deaf!
I know we all see things in public that we may not agree with or could seem shocking, but most of us have the common sense not to blurt something offensive out. It doesn’t matter if someone has one kid freaking out or five screaming at the top of their lungs, if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.

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