Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun at the park

With the wonderful fall weather Cody has been taking the boys to the park everyday while I’m at work. The boys love playing on the playground. The climb up the stairs and put themselves down the spiral slide over and over again. Plus there is just lots of space to run around. Of course the boys tend to stay near each other while exploring.

Andrew in blue, Parker in red, and Nicholas in green.

The closest park has a wide curb surrounding the playground that the boys enjoy walking around and practicing the small step.1055905786_2iy2M-M[1]
The wrist bands they are wearing are the kinderkords.

I wish they’d let us in on the joke.

1055903959_2LM3Y-M[1] 1055904441_5qzu9-M[1]
Nicholas and Parker both looking a lot like their dad.

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