Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fifteen month photos

I’ve had these on my desk at work for a long time now, but hadn’t gotten around to sharing them. We took a group shot, and individual shots. It took two days to get a good shot of everyone, I guess that’s the advantage of having a studio set up in the garage.

Andrew, Parker, Nicholas

989456114_YJMr4-S[1] 989456046_nkCHW-S[1] 989456017_7SB5D-S[1]
I think in addition to being adorable, Andrew and Parker look like a shoe ad.

We also got close ups, Andrew was not in the best of mood for this and we ended up putting him in a wagon and pulling him back and forth in front of the camera to get a smile.

It worked.

989456082_6xQ2k-M[1] 989455925_DsCt2-M[1]

The next photo session will be the 18 month shots and probably this years Christmas card. As soon as we come up with an idea for it.

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