Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brush, brush, brush

The boys are (as of today) 18 months old and have plenty of teeth. Andrew just cut his 13th and 14th this week with Parker and Nicholas just about to cut the same teeth. In the hope of keeping them cavity free after breakfast and dinner we have a tooth brushing session.

We brush the boys teeth at the feeding table. We get a turn then we let the boys brush their own teeth. It’s funny how each of the boys react to seeing their toothbrushes. Nicholas loves brushing his teeth, he gets excited and can’t wait to be handed his brush.


Parker isn’t thrilled with getting his teeth brushed, but usually tolerates it without to much fuss. When he doesn’t want his teeth brushed he will try to back away despite knowing he can’t get away. For the most part he will let us brush and is usually happy to do his own brushing.

He knows which end is which, but was hamming it up for the camera.

Andrew is not a big fan of having his teeth brushed by us, he will sometimes bite down on the brush or squirm non-stop. If we hand him the brush though it’s a different story.


Hopefully with all this brushing the boys will never have to hear the sound of the drill at the dentist.


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