Monday, October 11, 2010

Back from vacation

I’ve been really bad at blogging lately. It’s been a busy couple of weeks that led up to a week at Disneyland. It was the boys first visit and we had a great time. We left last Saturday and spent a night in Saint George, Sunday morning we headed for Anaheim. Unfortunately no one warned us that traffic from Las Vegas to California on a Sunday afternoon is horrendous. We spent 150 miles in bumper to bumper traffic. We checked in at the hotel at around 8:30 just in time to watch the fireworks from the balcony outside our room. The boys did not like how loud the fireworks were, but we were more interested in getting the boys fed and down for the night.
The boys slept in their new Peapods, probably the best purchase we’ve made for the trip. The first night in Saint George was rough, but each night got easier. By Tuesday Andrew would climb into a pod on his own for nap time. The trip was a ton of fun even though it rained for the first 3 days.
We took the boys on a ton of rides with Small World and Monsters Inc. It was wonderful to see all of the Halloween decorations and the Haunted Mansion Holliday was amazing. Cody and I both loved World of Color, it was amazing!
Sadly we didn’t take anywhere near as many photos as we normally do. Partly because of the endless rain and because it’s hard to take pictures while wrangling the boys. It was by far the most triplet gawking we’ve ever experienced. It was okay from the cast members they were super nice to us and the boys. Unfortunately the other park guests were not always nice and by day 3 I think Cody and I had both stopped trying to be nice in our responses to the negative comments.  Next vacation we either need a sign or to hand out cards that say “Yes, they are triplets. Yes, they are identical. We are a regular family trying to enjoy our vacation, please leave us alone.”
We had a wonderful trip and I can’t wait until we get to go again! Next time we visit Radiator Springs (Cars land) will be open and I think the boys will just love it.
We don’t have the pictures unloaded from the camera yet, but here are some camera phone pictures. Next month I’ll be getting a new phone with a much better camera.

Andrew, Parker, Nicholas this is the only time we’ve ever let them fall asleep in the stroller. We had a very busy morning then ran into a photographer Cody knew, so we were late getting back to the hotel before nap time.

Andrew, Nicholas, Parker Look the sun came out!


  1. It hardly ever rains here! Bummer. And, yeah, traffic to and from Vegas is bad on weekends.

    Glad you had a good time anyway. :>) I can't believe people would make negative comments about such sweet little boys...