Friday, October 22, 2010

18 month well baby check

This morning we had the boys checkup and they have sure grown a lot.

Andrew is now 25 lbs 11 oz, 32.5 inches tall. A gain of almost 3 lbs in 3 months and and 1.25 inches.
Parker is 25 lbs 4 oz, 33 inches tall. A gain of almost 4 lbs (wow) and 2 inches.
Nicholas is 23 lbs 7 oz, 32 inches tall. A gain of about 4 lbs (wow again) and 1.75 inches.

Their pediatrician was very happy with how much they’ve grown and just how easy going they were.  No concerns about any one and we don’t go back until they are 2. I think by the time we go back the boys are going to change so much. Not just growing but also talking much more.

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