Thursday, July 22, 2010

15 month well baby visit

I took the boys to their check up today. I’m pretty sure we entertained everyone in the pediatrician’s office. The boys were very busy. They played in the exam room pushing chairs around the room and giggling. The PAs and Dr got a kick out of the boys in their cloth diapers running all around the room.  The boys all looked great, nothing the pediatrician is concerned about. She was impressed with how well behaved (not crying) the boys were for the visit and how big they are despite their starting weights and sizes. She gave them tongue depressors to play with and of course Andrew and Parker walked every where holding one in each hand giggling madly.
Andrew is now 22 lbs 15 oz and 31.25 inches tall.
Parker is now 21 lbs 7 oz and 31 inches tall, we really thought he was the heaviest.
Nicholas (still my little man) is 19 lbs 13 oz 30.25 inches tall.
We were given fluoride drops to start since we don’t have it in our water and told to keep up what we’re doing. I took some video with my phone to send to Cody at work of the chaos in the exam room, but it’s such poor quality it’s not worth posting. I wish I’d taken the video camera, certainly will next time.

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