Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We haven’t taken the kiddos swimming in a real pool yet, but we did set up the small pool in the backyard for the boys to get their first experience. It was a total hit! Andrew unfortunately tried to climb into the pool head first and then was a little nervous about getting in after that.

Andrew, Nicholas, Parker

He bounce on the edge for about 10 minutes before taking the plunge.


After a good number of tries we were able to get a picture of everyone looking at the camera.937930161_fM9GU-M[1]

Parker (of course) was the first to realize that just like the bathtub he could splash. He loves splashing and then laughing when he gets Cody or I or even himself wet. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the boys standing in their suits, even though it makes them look so grown up, it is adorable.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

He knows he’s cool

I’ve mentioned before how much the boys like playing with their stroller, but now they are not just content to play around it. Now they insist on pushing the stroller. I’m impressed that at his size Nicholas is able to push the stroller. Since the boys are so interested in pushing the stroller Cody now lets them take turns pushing each other around. So not only are they pushing the stroller, but they are pushing it when it’s loaded. A few pictures of Nicholas enjoying his turn.


He’s keeps going…

and going…

and going.

I wonder if now that everyone is walking (Nicholas took his first steps Saturday) if the stroller will still be as exciting.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Living Planet Aquarium

Since the weather has become hatefully hot the boys and I have spent nearly every Thursday at the aquarium. The boys seem to enjoy watching the fish as long as they are swimming. The shark tank is very popular and the penguins never fail to get the boys excited. There is just so much to see.

Nicholas, Andrew, Parker

There is a photo spot I attempted to get the boys in, but they are just to on the move these days for me to get a good shot.

Taken about 1 second before he climbed out of the boat.

I’m pretty sure I was jumping up and down and clapping to get his attention, he looks a bit caught off guard.

The picture of Nicholas in the boat was out of focus, but here he is in the coveted front seat of the stroller with the penguins.


Last visit we even made it to the bird show. They made an exception to the no stroller rule and let us in. The boys were fascinated by the parrots. They also brought out a python, which Andrew responded to with a big belly laugh providing a nice distraction to another woman who was a bit freaked out by the giant snake. The boys were well behaved for the show they stayed pretty quiet (except for the laughing).

Friday, July 23, 2010

Walking more and more

Over the last couple days Andrew and Parker have become more confident in their walking. It seems like everyday they become more steady on their feet.

No Disney characters were seriously harmed in the making of this video. Nicholas was also okay after Andrew’s takedown of him.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

15 month well baby visit

I took the boys to their check up today. I’m pretty sure we entertained everyone in the pediatrician’s office. The boys were very busy. They played in the exam room pushing chairs around the room and giggling. The PAs and Dr got a kick out of the boys in their cloth diapers running all around the room.  The boys all looked great, nothing the pediatrician is concerned about. She was impressed with how well behaved (not crying) the boys were for the visit and how big they are despite their starting weights and sizes. She gave them tongue depressors to play with and of course Andrew and Parker walked every where holding one in each hand giggling madly.
Andrew is now 22 lbs 15 oz and 31.25 inches tall.
Parker is now 21 lbs 7 oz and 31 inches tall, we really thought he was the heaviest.
Nicholas (still my little man) is 19 lbs 13 oz 30.25 inches tall.
We were given fluoride drops to start since we don’t have it in our water and told to keep up what we’re doing. I took some video with my phone to send to Cody at work of the chaos in the exam room, but it’s such poor quality it’s not worth posting. I wish I’d taken the video camera, certainly will next time.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When moms away the boys will play

On nights when I work Cody usually takes the boys for a long walk to the park to let them play.

Parker, Andrew, Nicholas

It also gives them a chance to burn off energy.

Nicholas, Parker, Andrew

I have a feeling there won’t be to many more days of the boys crawling around. Of course they still love the swings.


I feel the need to point out that the shoes on the ground do not belong to the boys, another child left them while they played on the playground. Cody is such a good Dad, even I won’t brave the summer heat to trek to the park. The boys and I stick to indoor activities like the aquarium.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The boys seem to be picking up more and more words and repeating after us. I’m amazed at how quickly they pick up new things. On Saturday Parker was walking back and forth between Cody and I, I started saying Go! Go! Go! and after just a couple times he started saying it as he launched across the room. Since then Andrew has started saying it as well.
Everyone also says hi, bye, tree, ball, kitty, doggy, yay, dad, daddy, mama, Leo, Willow (our cats, but they say them Lolo and lil-o), zebra (seebra), turtle, tickle tickle, nom nom nom (when eating), vroom, and of course they jabber constantly in a language we can’t understand.
We heard Andrew trying to say Parker, but it was only one time. I can’t wait for the boys to be able to say each others names. of course I also wonder if they’ll mix each other up. I don’t really have a picture of the boys talking, but here’s some random cuteness.

Andrew, Nicholas, Parker

The stroller remains the most interesting toy out there.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Just hanging out

On the days that I work the boys and I usually spend the day at home. With nap times, feeding times and everything that needs to get done during the day we often spend some quality time hanging out in the play room.

Nicholas, Parker, Andrew

I think we have a pretty good play area for the boys, more than enough toys to play with and places to hide (in the house) or even just lounge.

Some days we even stay in our jammies until nap time.


Nicholas, Parker

The lounging doesn’t last long, everyone is very into playing with cars right now. They spend hours pushing cars and trucks around the room or fighting over a dump truck that seems to be the prized toy right now. It’s so much fun to play with the boys and just watch how they interact with each other and figure out new ways to play with their toys.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Holiday weekend

Our 4th of July weekend ended being an extended weekend. Cody was home from work from the 1st to the 6th. Over the holiday Andrew, Nicholas, Cody and I were sick. Fevers, chills, general icky feelings or crankiness (for the boys). This means we didn’t see any fireworks, but we did hear some being set off by our neighbors.
Other than being sick we were pretty busy. We bought a couple of bike trailers and took the boys on a couple rides including a 7 mile morning ride taking advantage of the cooler temperatures. The boys seemed to really enjoy the ride and look super cute in their new bike helmets.
We also had some big milestones on the 4th Parker took his first wobbly steps and is now up to taking 10 or so steps at a time. He seems to enjoy pushing a walking toy out of reach just so he can walk to it. Not to be outdone Andrew started taking 3 to 5 steps on the 7th and is now keeping up with Parker. Nicholas is right behind them. My guess is he’ll be walking in the next week or so. They are still crawling for the most part since it’s faster, but I know it’s only a matter of time before they are running everywhere.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

No more little black bag

After 14 months I am completely done pumping! I’ve been very lucky to have been able to keep up with the boys while pumping for their first year. Over the last year I pumped just over 251 gallons of milk (yes I kept track) I have a Excel workbook. Originally I started keeping track so I would know if I had enough for the next days feedings or if I needed to thaw some milk or if I had more than needed and when to freeze. At some point it just became something I wanted to know.  This means no more toting my pump everywhere I go.
I can’t believe I spent 12 months pumping every two hours during the day and every three through the night. That means I spent up to 3 hours a day pumping some days and went a year and a half without sleeping through the night. I can’t tell you how wonderful it’s been to wake up after an uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep.
Now that I am done pumping it also means we said goodbye to bottles. So no more washing bottles in addition to cleaning all the pumping supplies. I was surprised that the boys gave up bottles without any fight. No bottles, no pacifiers, where did my babies go?

They’ve been replaced with toddlers! Toddlers who are constantly on the move.