Saturday, June 26, 2010

Towel emergency

Yesterday afternoon I put the boys down for a nap and they settled down quickly. Or at least I thought they did. They were quiet, so I assumed they were falling asleep. A few minutes later I heard Parker crying, not normally fussing crying, but what Cody and I call a towel emergency.
A towel emergency occurs when the boys toss their towels out of their cribs, then suddenly realize they don’t have a towel to cuddle. This always results in a panicked cry. Usually as soon as we put towels back in the crib usually the crier calms down immediately
I’ve mentioned them before and the boys are still attached to their white terry towels. We used them originally as burp clothes and as bottle props and now they are comfort items. We’ve given the boys other lovies and small blankets, while they don’t dislike them they still prefer their towels. Normally we give the boys three towels each when we put them down. Odds are they’ll toss at least one out of the crib, but usually stop after two.
It would be great if the boys were each attached to a cute blanket or stuffed animal, but the towels sure are easier. When a towel gets dirty or soggy (from chewing) we toss it in the laundry and still have about a hundred identical replacements.

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  1. Cute... My girls have their old swaddle muslin blankets they have recently become attached to and we only have 4 total... I have actually thought about cutting them in half or 4 and serging the edges to have more..
    That cry of my blanket is on the floor is not fun (especially when some nights they think it can be a game)