Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grocery shopping

Yesterday we had another first at our house. I took the boys to get the weeks groceries and for the weekly Costco run. Normally Cody and I do our grocery shopping together so one of us can push the stroller and the other the cart. Last weekend we were busy with other plans, so we didn’t make it to the store.
Grocery levels had reached a critical low, so I loaded up the boys determined to get all of the shopping done. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I’ve very lucky that the boys are so easy going and happily sit in the stroller people watching while I was loading the cart.
If you wonder how I managed to manage getting all the groceries and the kids through the store, it was pretty simple. I pushed the stroller and pulled the cart behind me. Walmart was a challenge because they were restocking a lot of shelves. Boxes and handcarts were all over the aisles. Of course as usual the people at Walmart were well the people at Walmart, lots of pointing the usual questions, and of course my least favorite pointing while cackling about how my hands must be full. I simply smiled and even refrained from ramming anyone with the stroller.
After Walmart it was off to Costco to stock up on enough milk (8 gallons) to get us through Monday (I hope). Plus a few other basics. Costco was so much easier than Walmart despite the much larger shopping carts. It was easier because their were far fewer people there and the aisles are so much wider.
From start to finish it took about two and a half hours to get home and groceries put away. I was much in need of a nap afterwards, but no such luck. Still it was nice to get that errand done so we don’t have to worry about it on Saturday when the stores are really busy.

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