Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tulip Festival continued

We took so many good pictures I wanted to share more of them. After walking through most of the gardens we stopped for a bottle (the boys) and some mini doughnuts (us). We checked out the children’s garden for the first time. We didn’t take any pictures, but we know it will be a great place to go when the boys are a bit older.
There are climbing areas, an area where you can send a little wooden boat down a stream and catch it at the bottom, a hedge maze and a Noah’s Ark with pools of water and shooting fountains. We didn’t take any pictures in the area because there wasn’t really anything for the boys age group going on. Instead of playing with the kids stuff, we played the boys favorite game of toss the baby.

Parker in the mom version of the baby toss, a good 4 feet off the ground. I was sitting down.

Then there is the dad version. Cody is just over six and a half feet tall, so with arms extended the boys were easily 8 ft up in the air. They were having the time of their lives. Here is the full shot and a zoomed in version showing just how happy they are.

   Andrew toss2

 Parker toss2

 Nicholas toss2

On the way out we stopped for another attempt at a group picture. The sun came out briefly and warmed up enough to take off jackets.  Ready! No one look at the camera! Great job!

Nicholas, Parker, Andrew

The boys also had a chance to crawl around a bit more.

We can’t wait to visit again next year.

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  1. okay, that's enough of the cuteness! too much to handle! :D