Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother’s Day

Today is my second mother’s day, it’s also the first anniversary of having my babies home. It was the first night I really felt like a mom. I’ve said it before, but having nurses take care of your children and only getting to visit just doesn’t make it feel as real. Even though you know they are you babies, it’s so hard to say goodnight and leave the hospital.

Nicholas (in the only preemie outfit that ever fit), Parker, Andrew

It has been an amazing year! I can’t believe how fast the year flew by (or how slowly some of the days did). It just one short year the boys went from being sleeping/eating/diaper filling beings to fully mobile and interactive children full of personality.

From this:
Parker, Nicholas, Andrew
to this:

Nicholas, Parker, Andrew

In the past year I’ve learned a lot. Some big things and some little.
I’ve learned that I can be much more organized and follow a schedule better than I ever thought possible.
We’ve (Cody and I) both now know that sleep is a precious commodity and we’ll never take it for granted again.
I’ve learned that I can fall asleep just about anywhere that I can sit still as long as there are no babies crying.
I can feed three babies at the same time, this got much easier when everyone started holding their own bottles.
I am incredibly lucky to have three happy and very healthy boys and have the privilege of watching them grow up together.
8 am is sleeping in.
Nothing gets me out of bed faster than the sound of a baby throwing up in their crib.
Homemade baby food and cloth diapers are less work than I thought they would be.
Nothing is sweeter than your little boy saying Mama.
Gummy grins are adorable, but teeth can completely transform a smile.
Few things are as wonderful as three babies squealing and smiling when you walk through the door.
I am a much stronger person that I ever thought possible.

There are countless things I’ve learned and I learn something new everyday. I sure hope this next year was as much fun as the last.


  1. Your list is so cute. I can hardly wait for what is in store in the next years of motherhood :)

  2. 8 am IS sleeping in... truer words were never spoken! :) Happy Mother's Day to you Lisa, your boys are adorable.