Thursday, May 6, 2010

More park cuteness

Cody got a bunch of good shots while I was at work. Everyone is starting to show more personality in pictures.

Parker says “I wanna go play on the swings”

Parker often has his tongue out when he’s thinking, it’s a trait that runs in Cody’s family.

They are totally plotting on how to get to the playground without touching the grass.

Nicholas is my silly little man. He has a cute grin that we see all the time.

We are often told that the boys look so serious. We have the benefit of seeing them all the time and hearing all of the laughter, but I can understand why people think that the are very serious.

Nicholas, Andrew

I prefer to think of the boys as just being calm and content. Cody and I are fairly mellow people and it seems like the boys have picked up on it. Don’t get me wrong they can (and do) make a fuss, but we have been very lucky to have such easy going babies.

He’s not overly serious, just thinking very hard.

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  1. I love that Parker sticks his tongue out when he is thinking. My dad always did that and said it made it easier to do tough jobs :)