Monday, May 31, 2010

Walk for the Wach’s

Saturday morning the boys and I (along with my friend Nichol and a whole bunch of other coworkers) completed a 5K fundraiser for a friend and coworker Chris Wach. Chris has been fighting cancer for a couple of years and his condition is now terminal. For as long as I’ve known Chris he has been an incredibly upbeat and optimistic person, which hasn’t changed.
The walk was to raise money to send Chris’ family (wife and 5 kids) on a last Disney vacation as a family while Chris is healthy enough to go. We were asked to wear our Disney gear on the walk. The boys had their character shirts and Nichol and my self wore our ears.
The even raised over around $6,500 for the family, which I’m sure will be enough to give them a wonderful and memorable trip. After the walk a few family members including Chris spoke to the crowd. I really wish I’d brought some tissue. It was a great way to spend the morning, a wonderful cause for someone I really respect.
Sadly I don’t have pictures, I’ve found it’s just to hard to take pictures while pushing the stroller. The boys who always have fun on long walks were treated to some quality people watching. As an added bonus some Star Wars characters (stormtroopers and Boba Fett) and Spiderman were in attendance. The boys had no fear of the costumed characters, which was the first test of how they’ll react in Disneyland this fall.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exploring the yard

Just a random picture for today.
Andrew, Nicholas, Parker

This was a week or so ago, before the May snow storm. Gotta love Utah weather, snow on Monday, 70 on Tuesday.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where’s Nicholas?

Some video from tonight, as we were getting the boys ready for bed. We had a nice and very busy weekend. This was a wonderful way to end the weekend.

That’s Parker in the background joining in on the giggling.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

We’ve been busy

I’m more than a week behind on blogging so here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been up to the last week and a half.
On the Friday before Mother’s day Cody and I took the boys to the zoo. It was a nice day and the boys are really starting to watch the animals. We also took them on the carousel for the first time. We took pictures, but the are not ready to be posted yet. I’ll add them when I can. 
On Saturday before I participated in the Race for the Cure. The weather was great, a little chilly to start but it warmed up to just about the perfect temperature. I walked with my friend Nichol, her sister and her sisters three kids. Her sister has twins so I’m sure we were quite the sight with our giant strollers. I think I did more walking at the zoo then during the 5K but it was a wonderful event that we’ll be doing next year, only this time Cody will walk with us.
The rest of the week was pretty standard until Friday when I took the boys to the zoo again. I went by myself and was surprised with just how packed it was. It was a bit rainy, but luckily the zoo has plenty of overhangs and indoor stops that we waited out the rain in. While waiting for the rain I got the standard questions about the boys.
This trip to the zoo I got a question I’ve never heard before. Many people asked if the boys were triplets, which I hear often. Oddly though many people had the follow up question of “Are they yours?” Maybe I looked like the nanny that day, but I’ve never been asked that before.
I only had one truly negative comment and it really upset me. A woman with her two kids and I’m guessing Grandma approached me and said that she had sympathy for me because they thought they were going to have triplets, but luckily they only had twins. She also added that she could barely manage her two kids and couldn’t imaging having three. My response was less than friendly. There are too many moms out there that had been expecting a singleton,  twins or triplets or even more only to lose one or even all of their babies. To comment that she felt bad for me for having three kids while complaining about her two was insulting. Not to mention she said it in front of her twins.
It ended up being a nice day and I love that the boys are watching the animals now. They really liked the giraffes and the golden tamarins. We will definitely be getting our moneys worth for the zoo pass this year. I’m hoping to take the boys at least a couple times a month. The zoo is a great place for the boys to people watch and decent exercise for me. Three or four laps around the zoo is a decent amount of walking.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother’s Day

Today is my second mother’s day, it’s also the first anniversary of having my babies home. It was the first night I really felt like a mom. I’ve said it before, but having nurses take care of your children and only getting to visit just doesn’t make it feel as real. Even though you know they are you babies, it’s so hard to say goodnight and leave the hospital.

Nicholas (in the only preemie outfit that ever fit), Parker, Andrew

It has been an amazing year! I can’t believe how fast the year flew by (or how slowly some of the days did). It just one short year the boys went from being sleeping/eating/diaper filling beings to fully mobile and interactive children full of personality.

From this:
Parker, Nicholas, Andrew
to this:

Nicholas, Parker, Andrew

In the past year I’ve learned a lot. Some big things and some little.
I’ve learned that I can be much more organized and follow a schedule better than I ever thought possible.
We’ve (Cody and I) both now know that sleep is a precious commodity and we’ll never take it for granted again.
I’ve learned that I can fall asleep just about anywhere that I can sit still as long as there are no babies crying.
I can feed three babies at the same time, this got much easier when everyone started holding their own bottles.
I am incredibly lucky to have three happy and very healthy boys and have the privilege of watching them grow up together.
8 am is sleeping in.
Nothing gets me out of bed faster than the sound of a baby throwing up in their crib.
Homemade baby food and cloth diapers are less work than I thought they would be.
Nothing is sweeter than your little boy saying Mama.
Gummy grins are adorable, but teeth can completely transform a smile.
Few things are as wonderful as three babies squealing and smiling when you walk through the door.
I am a much stronger person that I ever thought possible.

There are countless things I’ve learned and I learn something new everyday. I sure hope this next year was as much fun as the last.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

More park cuteness

Cody got a bunch of good shots while I was at work. Everyone is starting to show more personality in pictures.

Parker says “I wanna go play on the swings”

Parker often has his tongue out when he’s thinking, it’s a trait that runs in Cody’s family.

They are totally plotting on how to get to the playground without touching the grass.

Nicholas is my silly little man. He has a cute grin that we see all the time.

We are often told that the boys look so serious. We have the benefit of seeing them all the time and hearing all of the laughter, but I can understand why people think that the are very serious.

Nicholas, Andrew

I prefer to think of the boys as just being calm and content. Cody and I are fairly mellow people and it seems like the boys have picked up on it. Don’t get me wrong they can (and do) make a fuss, but we have been very lucky to have such easy going babies.

He’s not overly serious, just thinking very hard.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A picture for today

Andrew, Parker, Nicholas

This is one of my new favorite photos of the boys. Even though no one is looking I love how it’s just my boys hanging out. I’m fairly sure they were watching kids at the playground.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fun at the park

Before the boys go over their fear of the grass, we took them to the park. It was hilarious watching them put a hand down on the lawn then quickly pick it back up. They would get as close to the edge of the blanket without having to actually touch the grass.


Nicholas kept crawling around in circles on the blanket, he seemed very confused a bit concerned about this whole outdoors thing.

We spent some time people watching and just enjoying the spring like weather before giving the boys a chance on the swings.

The boys still love the swings.



And because I think it’s fun, Cody capturing some of the shots.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tulip Festival continued

We took so many good pictures I wanted to share more of them. After walking through most of the gardens we stopped for a bottle (the boys) and some mini doughnuts (us). We checked out the children’s garden for the first time. We didn’t take any pictures, but we know it will be a great place to go when the boys are a bit older.
There are climbing areas, an area where you can send a little wooden boat down a stream and catch it at the bottom, a hedge maze and a Noah’s Ark with pools of water and shooting fountains. We didn’t take any pictures in the area because there wasn’t really anything for the boys age group going on. Instead of playing with the kids stuff, we played the boys favorite game of toss the baby.

Parker in the mom version of the baby toss, a good 4 feet off the ground. I was sitting down.

Then there is the dad version. Cody is just over six and a half feet tall, so with arms extended the boys were easily 8 ft up in the air. They were having the time of their lives. Here is the full shot and a zoomed in version showing just how happy they are.

   Andrew toss2

 Parker toss2

 Nicholas toss2

On the way out we stopped for another attempt at a group picture. The sun came out briefly and warmed up enough to take off jackets.  Ready! No one look at the camera! Great job!

Nicholas, Parker, Andrew

The boys also had a chance to crawl around a bit more.

We can’t wait to visit again next year.