Friday, April 30, 2010

Tulip Festival

Every year Cody and I try to make it to the annual Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival. We didn’t make it last year, so I was really excited to go this year especially with the boys. Cody took the day off work so we could spend the full afternoon enjoying the gardens.
The weather was not great. It was overcast and windy but we made the best of it. I’m so glad the boys are no longer afraid of the wind, they had a great time.

Nicholas, Andrew, Parker

We found out just how hard it is to get 3 mobile 1 year olds to sit still and smile for a picture. It felt like I as soon as I had one sitting up facing the camera I’d have to wrangle the other two back into place.  It was entertaining though, I’m glad I was able to laugh through it.
The flowers were beautiful.


Despite the wind it was a nice day to be out and about. We did see brief glances of sun, but not many.  We took the boys into the secret garden and they enjoyed the fountain. This year we made sure to keep the boys well out of the splash zone, next year I’m sure they’ll really get a kick out of the enclosed garden.
With the boys new found enjoyment of crawling on the the lawn, we took the boys out of the stroller a couple times to let them burn off some energy and to just play.

Nicholas, Andrew, Parker

Seconds later

A nice woman offered to take a family picture for us, then told us she was an identical twin.


  1. Love all the pictures, I'm glad you keep adding new ones. I still have no idea how you do it, I just have 1 kid and feel overwhelmed!!

  2. beautiful pictures, as usual! love the family picture the best. those are so rare, aren't they? :)

    and i LOVE boys in plaid shorts (which is evident on my blog) so i'm dying over their adorable outfits. :D

  3. that is so cute, i love this pic of you guys!!
    xoxo Nani

  4. Glad you got a family picture! Your family is adorable.