Friday, April 2, 2010

Photo shoot

When trying to take headshots of the boys Cody took quite a few pictures. We’re finding it much harder to get a group picture as the boys just want to crawl away.
He sat the boys with a couple of toys to entertain them and by the time he was in place to take the picture we got this:

A few seconds later:

So individual shots it is. Cody set up a pack and play in the garage so the boys would be contained and easily entertained. The only downside of this set up is who ever was getting their picture taken kept crawling for the pack and play.
Eventually we would set a baby down as far from the pack and play as possible while still having them in photo range while Cody would try to capture an image as they crawled past.

Nick was a little more content to sit still for pictures and has some adorable expressions.

My favorite shot from the day was of Nicholas.

Not sure what he was doing, but I think it’s adorable and so Nick. He pulls so many faces.

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  1. Your boys are getting SOOOOO big and are each cuter than the next! I want to reach thru the computer and squeeze them!!