Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chewing on everything

With the continued teething the boys have been chewing on just about everything. From biter biscuits to their cribs, it seems like everything in the playroom has been gnawed on at some point. Above all options the boys love to chew on their towels. Instead of the usual burp clothes we bought two 60 packs of terry towels from Costco before the boys were born.  The towels are their comfort item, they won’t sleep without one. The nice thing is with over a hundred of them, we never have to worry about their special lovey being lost.

Andrew, Parker, Nicholas 

Other than the ever present towels, we’ve caught them chewing on all kinds of toys.

Andrew and a fake apple

Showing us how not to steer a car.

Parker’s managed to be the only one to damage his crib, we now have teething guards on the railings.  Other than his crib, fingers and plastic rings are a popular choice.

Nicholas has stuck with more traditional teething toys.

The toy cell phone.

The always popular keys.

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  1. Love following your boys! I'm 28 weeks with triplets. 2 girls and 1 boy. Trying to hang in as long as I can, but getting pretty exhausted.