Friday, March 19, 2010


I always thought (not sure why) that when teething babies get a tooth then a week or so would go by then another tooth. At the first of March the boys each had two teeth, their bottom front teeth. As of Monday they all have 7 teeth. Four on top and three on bottom. Luckily no one was exceptionally fussy, just a lot of chewing on towels and drooling.  It amazes me how much older they look with a mouth full of teeth. It’s hard to get them to show off the new chompers, but Cody can still get a good smile.

Andrew, Parker, Nicholas

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  1. They don't always go in order, either! I remember when my son got some teeth further back, and then his canines. He looked so weird with the gap. Getting the teeth in clumps limits the fussiness, I think.