Friday, March 5, 2010

Our first cold

We’ve survived our first illness. Tuesday Nicholas was a little fussy and Cody heard him coughing a couple times in the night (while I was at work). By Wednesday morning he had a low fever and a very runny nose, Andrew’s nose also started to run. All day Wednesday and Thursday Andrew and Nicholas were tired and cranky.
Finally this morning everyone was fever free and while there is still an occasional cough it looks like we are through the worst of if. Parker had a little bit of a runny nose, but no fever or cough. I’m very happy that it was just a small cold. Sadly it seems I’m the last one to catch it or I have seasonal allergies I didn’t know about.
Even with the boys being sick we had to lower the boys cribs (we meaning Cody) because they are now pulling up on their knees and trying very hard to get to their feet. It was kind of a shock to go into the boys room in the morning to find them on their knees giggling back and forth, but very cute.

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