Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good-bye pacifiers

Here’s Andrew on Monday morning enjoying hanging out in his crib and enjoying his pacifier, what he didn’t know was it was the last time he’d see it. We went back and forth on when we would pack up the pacifiers, originally the plan was to take them away at 8 months adjusted because I read something that said babies start forming emotional attachments to objects at that age. We knew it would be a rough couple of days when we took the pacifiers away so we kept putting it off. Just over a week ago there was an interview with a pediatric dentist on the Multiples and More Blog which recommended taking them away by 6 months. Given that recommendation we just couldn’t put it off any longer.
Monday night was a rough night, not as bad as I thought it would be but still a rough night. At around 4 am Andrew started to whine. We’ve always called it the paci whine, not really a cry just a fairly loud and constant whine. It continued until the morning bottle at 7:30. Going in to attempt to calm him just caused crying. There was also some fussing at nap time, but not too bad.
Tuesday night Andrew whined for about 20 minutes and that was it. The first couple afternoons it was really hard to hear the boys cry knowing that if we just gave in and gave them a pacifier they’d go straight to sleep. We stuck to our guns and as of Friday it looks like we are officially done with pacifiers!

Despite a couple hard nights Andrew has still been his happy and playful self.


Some additional random shots of cuteness from the last week.



Parker, Nicholas, Andrew top to bottom

This last weekend we took the boys to the park and they went on the swings for the first time. They loved it! I’ll have pictures up soon.


  1. Congrats on moving past the paci stage! I am sure it was hard, but sounds like you made it through OK on the other end. Good job!

  2. Your boys are SO adorable! It's been so fun to follow you along on this journey.