Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

I’ve been back at work for a couple weeks and am starting to get used to my new schedule. It makes for some very long days, but it’s wonderful to be able to spend the days with the boys.
In the last two weeks the boys have been changing so quickly. They each cut two more teeth, bringing the tooth count to four each. Parker has moved beyond army/low crawling and is now crawling on his hands and knees. He is also becoming aware of the fact that he can reach the crib railing, he’s not grabbing on to it yet, but I’m guessing we’ll be dropping the mattress levels this week.
Andrew is also spending a lot of time up on his hands and knees, but moves much faster doing the army crawl. Today he got to a  sitting up position on his own.
Nicholas is still only rocking on his hands and knees, but has gotten much better at scooting around the room. I think his increased mobility is wonderful, it’s reducing how many times a day a toy gets ripped from his hands and moved out of his reach.
With the boys almost 10 months old (wow that went by fast) we are seeing more and more differences in their personalities. A good example of this is their box of mega blocks.
The boys were given a 100 piece box of Mega Blocks for Christmas by an aunt and uncle. It has a lid that sits on the container, but it doesn’t attach. The boys have very different approaches to emptying the container. Andrew will tip it on it’s side and dig his way into the container, pushing each block out. Parker simply picks up the container and dumps the blocks, so he can play with the empty container. Nicholas will without knocking over the container remove blocks one at a time, at least until one of his brothers pushes his way in and tips or empties the blocks.
It’s so much fun to watch the boys play with their toys and interact with each other now. Everyday they give us something to smile about or amaze us with how quickly they are learning.

Andrew, Nicholas, Parker

Up next: Saying good-bye to the pacifiers.

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