Friday, January 15, 2010

Park City

Today we took the boys to Park City to escape the gross air that has settled in the valley. It’s crazy to think that next week the quiet main street will be descended upon by Hollywood for the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. We had a great time walking around and looking in some of the unique shops. We’ve moved the boys to the toddler seats instead of their infant carrier seats in the stroller and they loved being able to look around. For most of the afternoon we had Parker facing Nicholas in the stroller, Parker spent a lot of time talking at Nicholas and trying to reach him to play.
Even though we looked in many many shops, one at a time as the stroller wouldn’t fit in most of the boutiques. Our only purchase was a Christmas tree ornament.

It’s a S’more (the marshmallows are sitting on chocolate and a graham cracker) holding a sock monkey and we just couldn’t pass it up.
As an added bonus it was a pretty good work out walking up and down the giant hill that is Main street. Not to mention being able to take a deep breath and not see the air we were breathing.
A few pictures from today:

(Andrew, Nicholas, Parker)

This better shows the steepness of the street, I’m very spoiled because I pushed the stroller down the hill and Cody pushed it up.




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  1. hi,

    I also have 3month old triplet boys. I want to know where you bought the stroller, the price and the make. It looks good. Thanks.