Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5th

Time seems to be rushing by! It’s one month from today that I return to work. I’ll be returning part time and working when Cody is home to watch the boys. It seems crazy that it’s already been almost a year since I was in the office. It will be nice (I think) to go back to work and still get to spend my days with the boys. I’d hate to miss out on watching the boys change and lately it seems like they learn something new each day. Just yesterday I saw Andrew get up on his hands and knees when he was trying to scoot forward towards a toy.

It’s getting much harder to line the boys up on the floor to take a group picture, they just roll too quickly.

(Andrew, Nicholas, Parker)

While the boys are rolling all over the place, I find it funny that even when we set them down in opposite corners of the room they seem to be magnetically attracted to each other and usually end up piled on top of each other.

(Parker, Nicholas, Andrew)

Of course if a brother isn’t nearby to roll up against we have Leo to stand in. Leo has adopted the boys, he will walk up to them to be pet and is extremely tolerant to their “petting.” Even when he walks away short a handful of hair.

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  1. Aww, good for Leo! Even my tolerant cat wasn't willing to get that close when the munchkin was that young.