Friday, December 31, 2010

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Getting ready for naptime, working out that last bit of energy.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas recap

We had a very busy holiday weekend. We started the festivities on Thursday night when we surprised our friends (and babysitter) at their house. It was fun to visit with them and their kids. The boys had a blast playing with the other kids. By playing I mean being handed a ton of toys and given the chance to run around the place.
Friday my Dad came over and brought the boys a toy kitchen and trucks. They love trucks and were fascinated by the pretend food. It took a little while before they really got into ripping the paper off of the presents, but once they got it much paper was shredded. Along with my Dad, my sister came over with her clone; I mean daughter. Her little girl is a carbon copy of my sister as an infant. They stayed for a couple hours, just long enough to wear the boys out for naptime, which was wonderful.
We had dinner at Cody’s parents and watched the kids run around and dance to the Glee holiday CD. The boys were very tired after hours of playing and crashed as soon as we got them in the car.
Cody and I were up late wrapping presents. We put off wrapping gifts until that night just in case the boys were really into opening presents and unwrapped everything early. At 2 am we just planned on the morning being painful.
The boys slept in on Christmas morning, I woke them at around 9. Santa left the boys a basketball hoop, a ball for each of them, and a slide. Without hesitation everyone grabbed a ball and started shooting baskets. We were a bit surprised since the boys have never had a chance to play with a basketball set. In their stockings the boys each received a sing-a-ma-jig (in their colors) a weeble and a new shirt. Mom and dad gave them each a wooden puzzle, a baby doll and a three piece band set.
As soon as we could pry the boys away from their new toys we were out the door to visit family. We visited with Cody’s grandpa then my uncle. It was great to see my uncle, we don’t get to see him or his girlfriend often enough. They got the boys some trucks (they still love trucks). They were careful to pick out trucks that don’t make noise or require batteries which I really appreciated. The boys were so enthralled with the toys I had a chance to speak with Jill (uncle’s girlfriend), she is a children’s councilor and used to teach Parenting with Love and Logic, which is what we are using.  It also helps that her nieces/nephews are 17 year old quads, so she has an idea of the fun and chaos we experience.
Next we headed to my Mom’s house, taking the long way to give the boys a car nap. Grandma and Grandpa gave them each a truck (sensing a theme yet?) some clothes and a pair of Thomas the Train Engine pjs. My mom gave us a photo album filled with pictures of the boys from their first birthday. Since we were so busy child wrangling we didn’t get many pictures. It was a very thoughtful gift.
Our last stop for the night was Cody’s parents, we had dinner and opened more presents. From Grandma and Grandpa the boys got (you guessed it) trucks, really nice jackets and a wooden activity cube. The boys, Cody and I were exhausted after such a long day. We made it home at around 9. The boys were ready for bed when we got home. After the boys were down for the night, Cody and I stayed up to play Epic Mickey.
It was a nice Christmas, the boys now have their own fleet of trucks and some adorable new clothes. Next year the boys will “get” Santa which will only add to the fun.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Picking a photo

We’ve been offered a free canvas print from a coworker that runs a printing business. All I have to do is pick one. I’ve never had a print on canvas, so I’m not sure how some of our pictures with all black or all white backgrounds or that are in black and white would turn out.
Last night I started looking through pictures of the boys from last year, I want to print a picture of them before they turned one. It’s such a hard decision. Please help me decide. Here are the pictures I’m deciding between.







Monday, December 20, 2010

Over our colds and full of energy

Sunday while I was at work the boys were nice enough to wear themselves out for nap time. Apparently this went on for over 15 minutes. We call it pop pop frenzy.

I’m holding off on finishing talking about Disney until I have some photos. We’re busy getting ready for Christmas, just a few more shopping days left.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Disney World – Day 1 (sans pictures)

Everyone is recovering from the cold we brought home from Disney, but I thought I should start reporting what we did on our trip while I still remember all of the details. Like all of our Disney World vacations there was a lot of planning that when into this trip long before we left. As usual we had our color coded spreadsheet schedule with park hours, predicted crowd levels (thanks, dining reservations and the various meets we had planned throughout the week. The first half of our trip was during Reunion 2010. So we met with podcasters and fans of the podcast and website. The second half of the trip was during WDWPhotography’s first official meet ups. Also on the trip our friends the McNeils from Scotland would be at the resorts. Basically we planned on making a bunch of new friends, meeting people in person for the first time and seeing some wonderful old friends.
The first day in the parks is by tradition the Magic Kingdom where we will eat a meal at Pecos Bills. We arrived at the park shortly after opening. It turns out the boys are not a big fan of the monorail ride, so they were very happy to arrive at the park. Because of our planning we knew that the Christmas parade taping was scheduled to be done on the 3rd and 4th, but we didn’t know they would be also filming on the 2nd. Main Street was packed as cast members were roping off areas and getting guests into position for the taping.
Once we made it past Main Street, the park was pretty empty. First ride was Small World, the boys loved it. It’s classic Disney and it was fun (for me at least) to compare Disneyland’s Small World. On our previous visits within the first half hour we would have ridden at least one of the mountains and have fast passes for another. This trip I didn’t ride any of them. The mountains being Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. Surprisingly I am okay with that, it was so much fun to just take our time walking through the park and enjoying all of the details.
After Small World we stopped for some fruit and muffins to feed the boys. Finishing just in time to get in line to meet Jasmine and Aladdin. The boys were a bit unsure, but eventually warmed up and smiled a bit at the characters. After meeting them we wandered around a bit more, rode Jungle Cruise. We had an excellent skipper who even told a few jokes we’d never heard before.
Lunch was at Pecos Bills, while Cody went to get the food the restaurant’s manager came over to say hello to the boys and chat with me. No surprise to us we seemed to get a lot of attention through out the trip from cast members. The boys were given tons of stickers and cookies at a few places. Lunch was good, since we had the free dining plan each of our meals came with an entree, dessert and a drink. We bought a kids meal for the boys to share and fed them off of our plates as well. For drinks we ordered milk for the boys and just had water for us. Water was a good thing, it was cool outside, but we did a lot of walking.
Part of the days schedule included our first meet up with other Disney fans. We met with the podcasters from WDWToday and enjoyed a Dole Whip float. We talked to everyone for about an hour before the boys were done and ready for naptime.
We stayed in the parks a bit too long (my fault) so naptime was much more of a challenge than it ever is. The best part about naptime on vacation, means Cody and I get to nap as well. Cody and the boys slept for about two hours, before we got up and headed to Epcot.
Epcot has always been a favorite park of ours. The land pavilion is great, we headed straight for it and caught the last boat of the day for riding living with the land. I think this ride is always better at night. We ate at Seasons the quick service dining option in the pavilion. This is where the boys got their first cookie of the trip. While Cody was getting food, I was swarmed by a few employees. One asked if the boys could have a cookie and before I could really respond each had one in their hands.
Since most of the rides close fairly early in the evening we didn’t even try to go on anything else, besides the wait for Sorin’ was over an hour. My favorite part of Epcot is the world showcase and walking through all the different countries.
Each country (that celebrates Christmas) was decorate for the season and we got to visit the new caramel shop in Germany. Cody loves caramel. I’m normally not a fan, but the caramel was so good!
After our stop for a sweet we continued around the lagoon looking for a good place to view and take pictures of illuminations. The goal was to get a good view and have an exit strategy for me and the boys if they melted down due to the fireworks. Cody ended up shooting from the bridge to World Showcase, while the boys and I ducked into a gift shop.
We went back to our resort ready to sleep. By the end of the day we had walked 10.5 miles, I tracked mileage walked each day with an app on my phone. The hotel bed was not very comfortable, but the advantage of being on a Disney vacation is you are so tired at the end of the day it doesn’t matter.
I have to say just once that we were prepared, or so I thought for the amount of attention we’d get from people having been at Disneyland so recently. We were for the most part, people pointed, asked silly questions, told us our hands were full or that we were busy along with the usual comments of pity. The same things we hear every time we go out, but what I wasn’t as prepared for was just how many cameras I’d be jumping in front of. It sometimes felt that we were constantly asking people to not take pictures of the boys. I don’t care how unique it is to see triplets, taking pictures of a stranger’s kids on vacation makes you creepy.

Up next is day two at Epcot with the Betamouse team and with a little luck a few photos.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Delay of Disney trip details

I had planned on doing a day by day run down of our trip, but we brought home a nasty cold from Disney. All of us are feeling under the weather and today I came home from the pediatrician with a nebulizer. Hopefully after a few days the boys will be breathing easier and hopefully will stop coughing.
With everyone being sick Cody hasn’t even looked through our vacation photos yet. My goal is to just be unpacked and ready for Christmas by the end of the week. Cody does have a few pictures from our first Disney trip. This is one that I’m going to print, large.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Back from vacation!

We are home from an amazing week (9 days) at Disney World. Since we’ve done the commando style, non-stop ride everything type trips it was nice to slow down and see Disney through the boys eyes. This was also our first trip with Disney World decorated for the holidays. Part of this trip included meeting a lot of other Disney fans from various podcasts and websites. We met some old friends and made many new ones.
This was the boys first time on an airplane and the flight went really well. We had two lap riders and one in a car seat. We traded out who was in the car seat throughout the flight, so they could nap. It was quite the production getting through the airport with the car seats, stroller, luggage and all the different carry on items.
We had booked a room with a king sized bed at Pop Century, but when we got to the hotel they didn’t have a room for us. Three hours later, a manager and the hotel’s general manager we were upgraded to Coronado Springs for the week and given a night for free. Pop had done a systems upgrade that day causing many issues and from what we heard a lot of free upgrades.
The day we arrived we looked around the hotel a little and were very ready to go to bed and to start the next day at the Magic Kingdom.
As usual we took pictures and video, but we aren’t even unpacked so it will take a little while to get them posted.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


When I left for work this morning at 5:30 (ugh) it had been snowing for a couple hours and it kept snowing, in fact it’s still snowing now about 16 hours later. With all the snow it was the perfect day for the boys to play in the snow for the first time. While I was working Cody suited everyone up and took them outside to play. Luckily he took video to send me at work and to share.
Andrew is in the blue hat/gloves, Parker in red and Nicholas in green.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bounce house fun

Last Sunday Cody and I took the boys to Wild Child, a bounce house playground. We had gone in on Saturday and it was too crowded to let the boys play, but when we returned on Sunday we were the only ones there. Because it was so empty they let Cody and I play in the bouncers.
It took a little while for the boys to really get into it, but once they did it was so much fun. We bounced, went down slides and climbed all over the place.  Cody took some video with his phone.

Andrew in brown, Parker in red and Nicholas in gray.

I was amazed that the boys were able to climb up the big slide with a little help at the top. The top of the slide was easily 15 feet off the ground which they had no fear of.

We will definitely be going back. The boys ran nearly non stop for three hours and everyone slept really well that night.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Twelve teeth in two weeks

I’ve always heard that the cuspids or canine teeth (the pointy ones) are the hardest when teething and now I believe it. In the last two weeks the boys cut both of their upper and lower cuspids making for some screamy nights. Now that all of their new teeth are through their gums it’s much better. I think we are done with teething until the next round of molars.
During the day we’ve been busy and having lots of fun with the boys. On the 5th the boys and I met the Kirby family at the zoo. It was a lot of fun with the choo choo wagon. Friday Cody and I took the boys to the farm at Thanksgiving point. Everyone had a great time feeding the ducks, especially Nicholas.
After Nick would throw a piece of corn to the ducks he’d clap and cheer, it was adorable. We ran into another family with triplets who is a new member of the local triplet group that I had not yet met. The boys each rode a pony, Parker and Nicholas had huge smiles and loved riding them. We got some adorable pictures of them. Andrew did not like his ride, no smiles and he was on the edge of crying the whole time. I’m sure we’ll visit the farm many times next spring, it also makes me look forward to baby animal days in Logan next year.
Since the weather was still wonderful that Saturday, we had planned to go tailgating at the U. We sadly were running behind and didn’t make it to campus early enough. Since we were already in the neighborhood, we headed for the zoo instead. It was a wonderful day. I love that the boys are now interested in all of the animals and learning their names.
We’ve also visited the aquarium and spent some time at Gateway walking around. What am I going to do when the snow starts sticking?
I have pictures from all of our adventures, just not ready to post quite yet. Hopefully they’ll be uploaded this week.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I can’t believe how much they’ve grown

In preparation for new photos to hang up around the house I’ve been going through pictures of the boys from the last year and a half. It still amazes me how much the boys have grown and changed and how quickly it happens. 
From this:

Andrew, Nicholas, Parker in what we jokingly called their meetings.

Now ‘meetings’ are held all day long all over the house.

Nicholas, Parker, Andrew

Of course now they are fully mobile and it’s even more fun.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In honor of voting day


The state capitol, from the backside. It turns out that after about 5:30 on any week day the capitol is deserted.


The boys loved roaming around hearing the echo of their own voices. Cody took the boys one night and then we went back a few days later as a family. When Cody went alone he ran into a couple of people doing a photo session it also provided some opportunities for pictures to torment the boys with in the future.

1055940552_wjnkS-M[1] 1055940928_UdjFB-M[1]

The girls also had some lacrosse gear, I never thought I’d see a pink lacrosse stick.


The boys seemed to have a good time and Cody had a chance to take some nice pictures.


Definitely a place will take more field trips to.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let’s dance

Just a random photo from a while ago. I’m not sure what exactly was going on, but it sure looks like Parker is about to break out in song and dance.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Walking with Daddy is so much fun

The boys seem to always have a wonderful time with Cody after I leave for work.

Andrew, Parker, Nicholas

It’s just a few blocks to the park from our house. With plenty of exciting things to see along the way.


At the park the boys are old enough or big enough now to unload from the stroller and let them run around.  The climb up to the slide and put themselves down.


For some reason putting the bark on these stools is very entertaining.


Even more entertaining though is the house next to the park. They have chickens!


Nicholas has decided what the safe and acceptable distance from the chickens is. I’m just happy that it’s not fingers poking in the pen close.


We’re lucky that we have a couple playgrounds within walking distance so the boys (Cody included) have a lot of options as to what to do before dinnertime.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last zoo visit

I blogged about my last trip to the zoo with the boys, but now I have pictures. We spent a fair amount of time watching an elephant eating, the boys were mesmerized.


We watched the carousel Andrew was happily waving at the riders. Everyone was dancing to the music and having a good time.


Here I have my mother of the year picture. In my defense Nicholas was fine and happy until I stepped back to take the picture.


As I mentioned before the small fish display was the clear favorite for this visit. Parker threw a fit when I picked him up to put in the stroller.

1050837640_sskck-M[1] 1050824761_4njHU-M[1]

Now that it’s getting colder, I think as long as it’s not snowing we’ll still be visiting the zoo. I love that the boys are much more interested in the animals now than they were just a few months ago.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Red Butte after dark

Friday night we took the boys to Red Butte gardens for their annual after dark festivities. Before the sun set we let the boys run around it was also before it got crowded.



There is a great set of tunnels in a snake themed area that was a bunch of fun for the boys to run around and play in.

Parker and Nicholas

Andrew and Nicholas (yes the climbing is in full force)


We learned the boys have no fear of fake snakes.


As soon as it got dark we kept the boys in the stroller, but learned just how nice it is to have everyone dressed in a bright matching color.
If you haven’t guessed their costume here is everyone in the full costume.


They left the “hats'” on for a surprising amount of time. I had the hardest time finding costumes this year. It seems like costumes were sized up to 18 months or starting at 3t. I went with 18 months even though it’s on the edge of fitting, but 3t was just way too big.

Next year costumes should be much easier, the challenge will be deciding what costumes to go with.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brush, brush, brush

The boys are (as of today) 18 months old and have plenty of teeth. Andrew just cut his 13th and 14th this week with Parker and Nicholas just about to cut the same teeth. In the hope of keeping them cavity free after breakfast and dinner we have a tooth brushing session.

We brush the boys teeth at the feeding table. We get a turn then we let the boys brush their own teeth. It’s funny how each of the boys react to seeing their toothbrushes. Nicholas loves brushing his teeth, he gets excited and can’t wait to be handed his brush.


Parker isn’t thrilled with getting his teeth brushed, but usually tolerates it without to much fuss. When he doesn’t want his teeth brushed he will try to back away despite knowing he can’t get away. For the most part he will let us brush and is usually happy to do his own brushing.

He knows which end is which, but was hamming it up for the camera.

Andrew is not a big fan of having his teeth brushed by us, he will sometimes bite down on the brush or squirm non-stop. If we hand him the brush though it’s a different story.


Hopefully with all this brushing the boys will never have to hear the sound of the drill at the dentist.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun at the park

With the wonderful fall weather Cody has been taking the boys to the park everyday while I’m at work. The boys love playing on the playground. The climb up the stairs and put themselves down the spiral slide over and over again. Plus there is just lots of space to run around. Of course the boys tend to stay near each other while exploring.

Andrew in blue, Parker in red, and Nicholas in green.

The closest park has a wide curb surrounding the playground that the boys enjoy walking around and practicing the small step.1055905786_2iy2M-M[1]
The wrist bands they are wearing are the kinderkords.

I wish they’d let us in on the joke.

1055903959_2LM3Y-M[1] 1055904441_5qzu9-M[1]
Nicholas and Parker both looking a lot like their dad.

18 month well baby check

This morning we had the boys checkup and they have sure grown a lot.

Andrew is now 25 lbs 11 oz, 32.5 inches tall. A gain of almost 3 lbs in 3 months and and 1.25 inches.
Parker is 25 lbs 4 oz, 33 inches tall. A gain of almost 4 lbs (wow) and 2 inches.
Nicholas is 23 lbs 7 oz, 32 inches tall. A gain of about 4 lbs (wow again) and 1.75 inches.

Their pediatrician was very happy with how much they’ve grown and just how easy going they were.  No concerns about any one and we don’t go back until they are 2. I think by the time we go back the boys are going to change so much. Not just growing but also talking much more.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A little more freedom

This month we decided it was time (or past time) to give the boys free access the the rest of the house. All of the cabinets now have magnetic locks which are pretty darn cool and the drawers locked as well. We put up a super yard to keep the boys out of the TV and let them go.
Also part of the prepping for our Disney trip was showing the boys some characters. We’ve watched the Disney planning video many many times. The boys have about a 10 minute limit, before they get bored.

Nicholas and Andrew on the couch, Parker getting a closer look.

Everyone is spending time exploring and enjoying the freedom.

Nicholas found the cat door.

Andrew checks it out as well, but he sure looks like he’s up to something.

Even with all the new space to investigate Daddy with the camera is still the most fun.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fifteen month photos

I’ve had these on my desk at work for a long time now, but hadn’t gotten around to sharing them. We took a group shot, and individual shots. It took two days to get a good shot of everyone, I guess that’s the advantage of having a studio set up in the garage.

Andrew, Parker, Nicholas

989456114_YJMr4-S[1] 989456046_nkCHW-S[1] 989456017_7SB5D-S[1]
I think in addition to being adorable, Andrew and Parker look like a shoe ad.

We also got close ups, Andrew was not in the best of mood for this and we ended up putting him in a wagon and pulling him back and forth in front of the camera to get a smile.

It worked.

989456082_6xQ2k-M[1] 989455925_DsCt2-M[1]

The next photo session will be the 18 month shots and probably this years Christmas card. As soon as we come up with an idea for it.