Monday, December 21, 2009

Teething continues

Last night Andrew was fussier that usual at bedtime. By fussy I mean screaming and by usual I mean he never does that. The only time he has ever been fussy at night was when he cut first two teeth. So, we decided to do a tooth check. Cody and I have very different methods for checking for new teeth.
I use the “feel” method, so I felt around Andrew’s gums and was pretty sure I felt a tooth coming in. It is his top left tooth. Cody’s method involves a very small LED flashlight shined in the boys mouth with which he was able to confirm Andrew’s top left tooth is coming in.
With confirming Andrew was cutting a new tooth we decided to check Parker and Nicholas. Sure enough everyone is cutting their upper left tooth. I’m not sure if all identicals teeth the way our boys have, but it would make sense. Today I made sure the boys had plenty of chilled teethers and bibs since drool is at an all time high.


  1. ours all get the same teeth at the same time too. it's kinda handy, but also kinda sucky!

  2. Wow, I can't believe they're teething already!