Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The cat who flooded Christmas

This morning, my cat Willow (who has never been considered graceful) broke our Christmas Tree. Our tree is a Bubble Tree, so when it broke, it was quite the sight. It has a acrylic tube for a trunk that is water filled, and it bubbles and changes colors. We put the tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving and have been enjoying it ever since.  It’s a completely non-traditional tree, but we love it. Every year we buy one or two new ornaments, so we only have a dozen or so on the tree. This tree allows us to showcase each one as they hang in front of the tube.

The trunk changes colors and we found a star that does too, hence the triple image.

Anyway.. Willow was jumping off the window sill and didn’t quite clear the branches. I was feeding the boys at the time and watched him get tangled in the second branch from the bottom. The tree made a popping sound as the cat’s weight on one of the supports caused it to break a hole in the trunk, and then I watched 5 feet of water shoot out onto the wall and floor. There was really nothing I could do but grab as many towels as possible to try and sop up the water.

I’m very grateful for three things: 1. The boys and I were not in the splash zone (but had a great view). 2. The front room doesn’t have carpet. 3. Even though a branch collapsed not a single ornament was broken, in fact only one was knocked off the tree and it was the only plastic ornament we have.

Speaking of ornaments, we bought the boys first Christmas ornament over the weekend.

Cody also ordered a personalized ornament that has triplet boys on it that we should receive this week. Hopefully we’ll be able to get the tree fixed, which will probably require buying a new “trunk” before Christmas.

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  1. Cute Blog! And that is the coolest Christmas tree I have ever seen. Hopefully it's not to expensive to fix.